WHITEHAVEN BEACH, NATURAL BEAUTY LIKE HEAVEN ON THE AUSTRALIAN PENINSULA! – Talking about the beauty of the beach, of course it is not only Indonesia that has this natural wealth. In our neighboring country, Australia, there is also a beach that can entertain your eyes. The name of the beach is Whitehaven. And this is not an ordinary beach, but has a beauty and uniqueness that you can only get in this area.

This beach located on Whitsunday Island, Australia, does indeed hold a beauty like heaven. How could it not, with the combination of its white and soft sandy beach and its blue and clear sea water, it is certainly proof that this area is indeed very beautiful.

Not to mention the added background of the mountains that add to the aesthetics of this nenelok area. Of course for you travelers, putting Whitehaven Beach on your bucket list is an obligation that you must do. Because it would be a shame if you didn’t have time to come and see the beauty of this beach directly.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss some interesting facts about Whitehaven Beach along with the beauty and uniqueness that is there. Curious? Just read the information below, bro.

Panorama Area

Natural Panorama at Whitehaven Beach. Credit: travelingyuk.com

A natural phenomenon that you rarely get when visiting Whitehaven Beach, namely with its natural panorama that resembles heaven on earth. Heaven on earth? Maybe that could be a word that can describe the atmosphere and beauty of this beach.

Not to mention the wide area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis beach, so you will get an endless natural beauty. Not to mention the beautiful color combination, reminding you of a painting that has high aesthetics.

It’s not just a figment of the imagination, because that’s the fact that you will get if you visit there. It’s no wonder that this beach is named as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Clear water

Water Clarity at Whitehaven Beach. Credit: twitter.com

Sea water with a clean light blue color is easy for you to get in the Whitehaven Beach area. Almost in every corner of this beach area there is clear sea water, you can even see the seabed with the naked eye.

That is what makes many people want to come to this beach area. If you have ever seen or thought about the clearest sea water in the world, you will get it here. With that, there is no other reason for you not to be able to do some activities in the waters of this beach.

Whitehaven Beach also has several marine biota that have uniqueness and beauty that you may have never thought of. You can also easily interact with turtles or dolphins. Isn’t it fun to spend your free time on this beach?

White sand

Charming white sand. Credit: traveldigg.com

Maybe you often find beautiful and enchanting stretches of white sand. But at Whitehaven Beach itself you will find white sand that is different from the others. Not from the amount of sand bro.

But more to the type of sand and the softness that exists. In this coastal area is also filled with Silica Sand, bro. Well, what’s unique is that the sand on this beach doesn’t absorb heat. So you can easily walk on the beach without wearing footwear.

Not only that, the cleanliness of this beach can also be an attraction and advantage. No wonder the cleanliness and beauty of the beach invites many tourists to come to this area.

Striped Sand

Striped Beach at Whitehaven Beach. Credit: brilio.net

Apart from the clean and Silica sand, you can also see the uniqueness of the sand on Whitehaven Beach. Namely, there are several spots that have striped sand. Well, this is also another attraction of this beach.

You can play to your heart’s content in this spot that has striped sand. So for those of you who have made up your mind to come to this beach, don’t forget to see and play in the spot that has striped sand.

National Parks

The atmosphere at Whitehaven Beach. Credit: twistedsifter.com

It should also be noted that Whitehaven Beach is an area that is part of the Whitsunday Island National Park. With its location in Queensland, besides being part of a national park, this beach is also right in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef.

It is said that the fine white sand on this beach comes from the Great Barrier Reef. So it is no wonder that this beach has fine and unique sand, bro.

Heading to Whitehaven

Natural Beauty at Whitehaven Beach. Credit: newstriger.com

For those of you who want to go to Whitehaven, you can start your journey from Hamilton Island. Hamilton Island itself is also part of Whitsunday Island. From Hamilton Island there are several types of services that can take you to arrive at Whitehaven Beach, bro.

Starting from boats, yachts, seaplanes to helicopters, you can rent them from the island. With a length of approximately 2 km, Whitehaven Beach itself is indeed a destination that you must visit.

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So what about the information about Whitehaven Beach above, bro? Hopefully it can be your guide when you visit there. The most important thing is to always ignite your adventurous spirit and don’t stop exploring, bro, because in this world there are still many things that you should know. Keep up the spirit, bro!

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