Coron Island, a Hidden Gem of the Philippines That You Must Visit

Coron Island, a Hidden Gem of the Philippines That You Must Visit – Jakarta – The Philippines is famous for its stunning marine tourism. One of the best spots that is still rarely known by Indonesian tourists is Coron.

Coron is an island located in Palawan, Philippines. The Coron area is dominated by waters with a cluster of small islands similar to Raja Ampat in Papua.

Travel influencer, Bella Aprilyana shared her experience of vacationing in Coron some time ago in the 2023 Philippines Specialist Workshop held in Jakarta, Tuesday (10/24/2023). At the event organized by the Philippine Department of Tourism (PDOT), Bella shared how beautiful Coron tourism is.

“What I see on social media is that most tourists from Europe or Western countries come to Coron. While from Indonesia it is still rare. But because there are still few people going there, this has great potential for Indonesians to visit because the tourist attractions themselves are really fresh and extraordinarily beautiful,” said Bella.Bella shows some of the destinations she has visited in Coron. One of the interesting ones is Maquinit Hot Spring, a natural hot spring whose heat comes from natural rocks.

“Under the water there are natural rocks that can produce heat so that the water becomes warm. The hottest pool has a temperature of around 42 – 45 degrees Celsius. Don’t worry about getting too hot because this actually makes you relax,” he said.

Then, other beautiful destinations are beaches such as Cyc Beach, Atyawan Beach, and Twin Lagoon. Bella said, the water here is a mixture of sea water and fresh water. The water is fresh and cold.

“What’s unique about me is that I often swim in the Indonesian sea and the Philippine sea, especially in Coron. The difference is that here (Indonesia) it only takes a short time and then it becomes sticky. But in Coron, I swim all day and my body doesn’t become sticky all day,” he said.

As a Muslim, Bella admitted that she did not find any significant difficulties when traveling there. According to her, currently Philippine tourism operators already understand Muslim tourists, where if we ask for Muslim-friendly food and want to pray, the facilities are provided.

“They are very welcoming and friendly. So they don’t discriminate between Muslim tourists and others,” he said.

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