Sleman’s Klangon Hill offers the beauty of Mount Merapi from a short distance

SLEMAN , – The hidden beauty of the hills of Sleman, Yogyakarta invites a million eyes to see. When we talk about hill tourism in Yogyakarta we will probably focus on the Kulon Progo or Bantul areas.

However, hill tourism in Sleman is no less beautiful, namely Klangon Hill with its various charms.

Klangon Hill is precisely located in Kalitengah Lor, Glagaharjo, Cangkringan, Sleman Regency. Klangon Hill is at the foot of Mount Merapi , precisely at an altitude of approximately 1100 meters above sea level.

If Pojokbaca friends are in Sleman, this tour would be a shame to miss. This tourist area is open every day without limited operating hours so you can come here at any time.

If you come in the morning, the air here is very fresh and you can see the beautiful morning view of Mount Merapi. During the day the fog usually descends so it will block the view.

The extraordinary view from Mount Merapi is truly amazing. You can see this active volcano from a very close distance.

You don’t need to climb to the top because from Klangon Hill you can see the peak of Mount Merapi quite clearly.

On Klangon Hill there are several viewing posts that can be used to see the exotic nature around the hill. This viewing post is also usually a photo spot, so don’t forget to capture this precious moment.

When visiting here, you are advised to wear thick clothes so you don’t get cold.

Oh yes, friends, Klangon Hill is also highly recommended for friends who like slightly extreme tourism. The management has provided downhill circuit facilities.

Friends, you can cycle along the path provided. The route goes up and down and there are several steep sections that will test your adrenaline.

The downhill circuit here is claimed to be the best in Yogyakarta. It’s not surprising that this location is often used as a place to hold cycling events.

Klangon Hill is still around 4 to 5 km from Mount Merapi, but this location is usually used as a place for tracking and climbing which is friendly for beginners.

Along the way up you will be treated to magnificent views of Merapi and if you are lucky you will meet Merapi forest animals such as orioles, mountain honey birds, civets and monkeys. Wow, very interesting.

The area around Klangon Hill has been designated as one of the conservation forests in Yogyakarta, so apart from being beautiful, there are also lots of animals.

If you want to experience the sensation of the natural beauty of Klangon Hill for longer, you can try camping activities with friends.

To be able to enjoy the beautiful view of Klangon Hill, you only need to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 5,000. Then if you want to camp, it’s usually IDR 10,000. Come enjoy your long holiday by camping on Klangon Hill. * (Laila)

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