The natural panoramic beauty of Mount Rinjani National Park, Lombok

Lombok’s Mount Rinjani National Park is one of the favorite climbing spots for climbers and nature lovers. This mountain is indeed famous for its charm and beauty. It has a height of 3,726 meters above sea level. Rinjani itself is the second highest volcano in Indonesia.

It is not surprising that many climbers from all over Indonesia are curious to conquer this majestic mountain. The terrain for climbing Mount Rinjani can be said to be not too difficult. However, you still need a professional guide to make the climb safer.

In Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, many of the beautiful Gili Gilis are sought after, such as Gili Trawangan , Meno, Kedis, Sudak, etc. However, it turns out that Lombok has a charm that is not only about waters and the sea. In Lombok there is the enchanting Mount Rinjani which is always ready to welcome visitors.

July and August are the best times to go on an adventure to Mount Rinjani. The views that can be seen from a height when arriving at these exciting spots on the mountain are very beautiful.

What’s Special About Mount Rinjani National Park, Lombok

Mount Rinjani is not just an ordinary mountain. It is a volcano that is still active. Apart from that, here we can also see the surrounding natural panorama which is no less beautiful than when we see the view around the beach. Even here we can watch the sunrise and sunset more beautifully. So what other features does this mountain have?

Flora richness

There is something that makes Mount Rinjani so special compared to other mountains, namely its rich flora.

If we climb this mountain, every 1000 meters of the journey we will be treated to different types of flora. The first 1000 meters, there are various types of flora mixed into one extraordinary beauty.

Then at an altitude of 2000 meters we can see mountain pine trees neatly lined up. At an altitude of 3000 meters, we can find the beautiful edelweiss flower which is a favorite flower for climbers. It’s really unique, isn’t it?

Fauna Enchantment

Apart from the variety of flora, in the Mount Rinjani Lombok national park we can also find a variety of fascinating fauna. This is because this mountain is a National Park whose natural habitat is preserved.

Various types of fauna such as birds, deer, porcupines and several types of monkeys live peacefully here. The monkeys here are very cute, but we have to be a little careful because they like to steal tourists’ food.

Beautiful lake

Apart from the rich flora and fauna, on Mount Rinjani we can stop by the beautiful lake, namely Lake Segara Anak . This lake is located at an altitude of 2010 meters above sea level.

The view of this lake can relieve fatigue after climbing 2000 meters. Segara Anak has a depth of around 230 meters with clear bluish water. Segara Anak Lake is also still filled with various myths that have developed among local people.

Tips for Traveling to Mount Rinjani Lombok

Mount Rinjani has many charms to enjoy. This mountain, which is filled with wilderness and is still very well preserved, is a dream tourist destination, especially for nature lovers and climbers.

So, if you want to travel to Mount Rinjani, Lombok, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself physically to be fit. Climbing this mountain which is 3,726 meters high above sea level is not easy and requires extra stamina. Don’t forget to bring personal medication with you.

Apart from that, even though the climbing terrain to Mount Rinjani Lombok National Park is not extreme, you still have to use the services of a guide. Climbing this mountain must be guided by a professional so that the trip can be done safely and enjoyable.

If you are very curious to explore the beauty of this majestic mountain, then entrust your trip to us, Lombok Tour Plus . We will accompany your trip to this mountain so that it can run smoothly. You can also calmly enjoy the charm of Mount Rinjani every step of the way.





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