7 Interesting Facts about Mount Jaya Wijaya as the Highest Mountain in Indonesia!

Mount Jayawijaya is a mountain that stretches across the land of Papua, which has been named the highest peak in the archipelago. This mountain is also crowned as the highest mountain in Indonesia which has a height of around 4,884 meters above sea level (meters above sea level). This mountain has also been crowned as Indonesia’s protective roof. Mount Jaya Wijaya or also known as Mount Cartenz Pyramid is located in Papua Province which stretches to Papua New Guinea.

Located in the Barisan Sudirman Jayawijaya mountains, Puncak Jayawijaya tourism is able to provide the charm of its spectacular and unique natural beauty. Apart from that, one of its special features is the thick snow at the top of the mountain. Jayawijaya is the only mountain with a snowy peak in Indonesia. Being a tourist attraction, this mountain has an extreme route that is also challenging to traverse. However, this is a special attraction for climbers in Indonesia and throughout the world.

Apart from that, there are many more interesting facts about this highest mountain in Indonesia. Read this article until the end to find out the facts about the highest mountain in Indonesia.

Interesting Facts about Mount Jaya Wijaya

1. The first person to reach the top of Mount Jaya Wijaya

Heinrich Harrer was the first person to reach the top of the highest mountain in Indonesia. He is an Austrian man who succeeded in becoming the first person to reach the peak of Jaya Wijaya in 1962. His ascent was assisted by 3 other expedition members, namely Russell Kippax, Bertus Huizenga, and Robert Philip Temple. Finally, Heinrich succeeded in conquering Mount Jaya Wijaya, which is the highest mountain in Indonesia.

2. Have Eternal Snow

Indonesia has the status of a country with a tropical climate because it is crossed by the equator or long line of latitude, which makes it impossible for Indonesia to be decorated with snow. However, what is unique is that snow can be found at the peak of Jaya Wijaya. This is also what makes Mount Jaya Wijaya the only place with snow in Indonesia.

3. Glacier at the top of the mountain

Apart from being covered in snow on its peak, this mountain is also equipped with glaciers. Glaciers are layers of ice that are formed as a result of accumulated snow over decades. This condition also provides benefits as a source of fresh water supply for the surrounding area.

4. Named Cartenz

Mount Jaya Wijaya is also named after Carstenz. The name Carstenz itself is taken from a historical story in 1623, when the Dutch sailor, Jan Carstenz saw the peak of this mountain through binoculars on his voyage while crossing the southern coast of the Arafura Sea.

At that time, Jan Carstensz was called a liar, to the point of being considered crazy when he claimed to have discovered Mount Carstensz Pyramid covered with snow in Indonesia.

Then, after 300 years had passed, Jan Carstensz finally succeeded in proving what he said. Mount Jaya Wijaya, which is covered with snow at its peak, is famous throughout the world.

5. The highest mountain in Indonesia and the Australian Continent

Its peak height reaches 4,884 meters above sea level, making Jaya Wijaya the highest mountain in Indonesia, as well as the highest mountain on the Australian continent. Apart from that, Jayawijaya also ranks second after Mount Hkakabo Razi which has a height of 5,881 meters above sea level which is located in Myanmar, in the highest mountain range in Southeast Asia.

6. A mountain with two name

Apart from being known as Carstensz, Jayawijaya also has another name, namely Puncak Soekarno. The name Puncak Soekarno was given to this mountain after the liberation of the land of Irian from colonialism. This was done on the basis of respecting the first president in Indonesia.

7. The most expensive climb in the world

The climb to the peak of Jaya Wijaya is said to be the most expensive climb. In fact, it is more expensive than climbing the highest peak in the world, namely Mount Everest. A climbing group containing five people must pay around IDR 55 million per person.

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