Sambolo Beach, a beautiful beach in Anyer with soft sand

Sambolo Beach, a beautiful beach in Anyer with soft sand –

Sambolo Beach is one of the beaches in Anyer , which has a fairly wide stretch of sand and the waves are not too fast.

Sambolo Beach actually has two locations, namely:

Both beaches have white sand which is quite sloping and brown in color, you can play in the water and sand at both locations.

Anyer Beach has always been a favorite marine tourism location for those from the Jakarta and Tangerang areas. Its calm and beautiful atmosphere is one of its attractions.

Location of Sambolo Beach

The locations of Sambolo Beach 1 and Sambolo Beach 2 are administratively located on Jl. Raya Anyer, Bandulu, Serang, Banten.

Route to Sambolo Beach

The route to Sambolo Beach is quite easy, if you depart from Jakarta or Tangerang by taking the Tangerang-Merak toll road, then exit at the West Cilegon toll gate.

Next, just direct the vehicle towards Anyer, the benchmark is the Patra Jasa Hotel. Because Sambolo Beach is next to the hotel.

Sambolo Beach Opening Hours

Sambolo Beach’s operational hours are open every Monday to Sunday for 24 hours non-stop.

Sambolo Beach Entrance Ticket

Entry tickets for Sambolo Beach 1 and Sambolo Beach 2 are the same, namely:

  • Rp. 25,000,- for motorbikes
  • Rp. 100,000,- for cars

Facilities at Sambolo Beach

  • Facilities at Sambolo Beach include:
  • Vehicle parking area
  • Food and drink stalls
  • Gzebo or saung-saung to relax
  • Rides
  • Prayer room
  • Public bathroom
  • Accommodation or Villa

Sambolo Beach Tourist Attraction

Because there are two locations at Sambolo Beach, I will review the attractions of both.

1. Sambolo Beach 1

Sambolo 1 Beach has a stretch of clean brown sand that is quite sloping and wide so that visitors can do a variety of exciting and fun activities.

Children can play in the sand in peace, besides that they can also play in the water on the beach. The characteristic of Sambolo 1 Beach is that there is a bridge that juts out into the sea with a gazebo at the end.

2. Sambolo Beach 2

The location of Sambolo 2 Beach is not that far from Sambolo 1 Beach, which is only about 1 km. The characteristics of these two beaches are almost the same.

The difference between Sambolo 1 Beach and Sambolo 2 Beach lies in the sandy landscape, where Sambolo 2 Beach tends to be flat.

Sambolo 2 Beach and Sambolo 1 Beach both have stretches of brownish white sand and do not have coral rocks.

3. Enjoy A Really Magical Sunset

Another attraction is the beauty of the sunset at Sambolo Beach which is known to be very beautiful, because the location of the beach is at the western tip of Java Island.

Many visitors have witnessed its beauty and have been hypnotized by it. Moreover, coupled with the view of Anak Mount Krakatau which looks dashing.

Over time, nature begins to change color, sometimes yellow, turning red or even purple, then beautiful silhouettes appear to be photographed.

4. Number Of Accommodations Or Hotels

The next attraction of Sambolo Beach is the many accommodations or hotels that offer different prices and facilities.

So many visitors come to the beaches in Anyer, especially Sambolo Beach, to spend time with family.


The beach is the right place to relieve fatigue, sadness, anger, tiredness and anger. The crashing of the waves can wash away all those feelings.

The wind that blows seems to make you calmer and teaches you to be wiser. Sambolo Beach can be an option for those of you who love beaches.

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