Sangiang Island, the exotic beauty of a remote island in Banten

Sangiang Island, the exotic beauty of a remote island in Banten – Sangiang Island is a combination of natural tourism, marine tourism and cultural tourism

Who would have thought that Banten has a beautiful and beautiful island called Sangiang . Maybe Sangiang Island is still unfamiliar to your ears. Sangiang is a small island that has very beautiful views. Sangiang Island is located in Cikoneng

Village, Anyer District, Serang Regency, Banten Province, Indonesia . Sangiang Island itself is not a tourist spot full of facilities, but the lack of facilities like the lost island is actually the main attraction of this island to visit.

Sangiang Island is a Marine Tourism Park located in Banten . Many tourists who have visited there call it the Seven Wonders of Banten. The nickname Seven Wonders of Banten given to Sangiang Island is not without reason. This exotic island offers many beautiful tourist attractions in Banten . This island has several beautiful beaches. If you visit this island, you can see various kinds of typical plants such as sea dadap, sea cypress, ketapang bayur, api-api, sea waru, nyamplung and walikukum.

Apart from that, there are also various kinds of protected animals such as sea terns, sea eagles, grouse, seagulls and various other marine biota which are also a special attraction for Sangiang Island . Plus, the island’s white sand beaches and clear sea water combine perfectly with the green trees that grow around this island, making it even more exotic and charming. Sangiang Island has

extraordinarily beautiful natural scenery, beautiful beaches with white sand blending with the blue sea, as well as a variety of rare plants and animals that can be amazing research objects, and historical relics of World War II (WWII). makes this island even more exotic and is a must to visit.

Sangiang Island is also a combination of natural, marine and cultural tourism. So visitors can get all three tourist trips at once together on one island. Sangiang Island has its own attraction for tourists, especially those who like marine tourism.

The natural beauty and beaches and corals decorated with colorful fish are the main tourist attractions in this area. Apart from that, Sangiang Island TWA has the potential for diverse and pristine flora and fauna, there are also buildings and caves left over from the Japanese era which have historical value.

The nature tourism available is that you can cross-country, climb mountains, take photos, cycle, camp and enjoy the natural panorama of sloping beaches and steep beaches. The location of this natural tourist attraction is located in the western, northwestern and southern parts of Sangiang Island as well as along Batu Mandi beach and around Mount Gede.

Marine tourism means you can do scuba diving, snorkeling, enjoy the beauty of coral reefs in the marine park with a glass bottom boat, fishing and sunbathing. Scuba diving activities can be done around the waters of Tanjung Raden, while in Legon Waru you can tour by boat.

And for Cultural Tourism, among other things, you can enjoy/observe the remains of the Second World War, namely in the form of former Japanese defense forts. The location of this historical heritage is located around the Indonesian Navy Post.

If you want to go to Sangiang Island , from Jakarta you can use the Merak bus and get off at the PCI shadow terminal. Then continue by using purple public transportation (angkot) to Simpang Tiga Cilegon with a fare of around IDR 3,000/person and from Simpang Tiga Cilegon to Paku-Anyer port continue using silver public transportation (angkot) with a fare of around IDR 5,000 /person.

Then from Paku port you can rent a boat/motorboat to go to Sangiang Island and it only takes about 45 minutes. The motorboat rental price depends on the agreement between you and the boat owner.

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