POK TUNGGAL BEACH A hidden paradise that challenges the guts

POK TUNGGAL BEACH A hidden paradise that challenges the guts – The trip to Pok Tunggal Beach was unexpected. Initially presented with a difficult path, it turns out to lead to a hidden paradise that captivates the heart and challenges the guts. An iconic tree makes this beach even more beautiful.

” Ah, where is this journey leading to ?” I thought when the car carrying me and the other prospective YogYES writers started to stumble along the rocky road between two coral hills. We moved slowly along the 2 kilometer road which was narrow, winding and quite steep. A flash of adrenaline rushes when you pass a bend with a large coral jutting overhead.

Apart from the thrilling journey, a beautiful view stretches out before your eyes. The stretch of white sand beach with crashing blue waves seems to be an antidote to tiredness after walking along the narrow rocky road. Several teenagers were seen playing in the waves at the beach while occasionally posing in front of the camera. A Duras tree grows shady on the shoreline and has become an icon of this beach. This tree, which is said to be difficult to grow, is closely guarded by local residents, so don’t be surprised if you get reprimanded if you climb the tree.

However, the real charm of Pok Tunggal is the row of coral cliffs that stand proudly like a fortress that protects this beach from the outside world. These perpendicular cliffs, like coral walls up to 50 meters high, have the potential to be developed as rock climbing sports arenas. Of course, it takes courage and extraordinary skills to climb this cliff because until now there is no climbing route (Sept 2012). Hopefully soon there will be climbers who conquer this cliff and open the route.

On the coral cliffs of this beach there are still wild primates. When YogYES visited, a group of wild monkeys were seen jumping from behind the cliff to the east. Surprisingly, this beach also has fresh water springs, most likely originating from underground rivers typical of karst areas . This water source fulfills the needs of food stalls and public bathrooms from the local community’s self-help.

Enjoying the beauty of Pok Tunggal Beach will not be complete if you don’t take a moment to wait for the sun to set behind the horizon. This afternoon we even met a group of foreigners carrying large backpacks, it looked like they were going to camp on this beach. It’s also fun to spend the night in a tent while enjoying the beach breeze and crashing waves after enjoying the sunset. If you don’t bring a tent, you can rent a dome tent from local residents. However, if you decide to go home at night, you have to be extra careful. The narrow and rocky road once again challenged your courage because it was not equipped with any lighting.

The charm of Pok Tunggal Beach with its stretch of white sand surrounded by walls of hills is a fun location to explore. Pok Tunggal Beach, which is located between Indrayanti Beach and Siung Beach , has further established Gunungkidul as a storehouse of beautiful, unspoiled white sandy beaches.

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