GLAGAH BEACH When Fierce Waves Combine with a Calm Lagoon

GLAGAH BEACH When Fierce Waves Combine with a Calm Lagoon – On the most famous beach in Kulon Progo, we can fish, cycle, ride a canoe in the lagoon, have fun motorcrossing, or just sit back and relax and enjoy the tetrapods struggling to break the waves while waiting for the sunset to arrive.

Wave breaker and lagoon, these two words immediately come to mind when you hear the name Glagah Beach. Both seem to show two different sides of this black sand beach. Hundreds of tetrapods lined up on the west side mercilessly break the waves of the South Sea which is famous for being fierce.

When the moon is new and the waves on the beach are rolling, we can see how the waves break and the foam splashes onto the land. Meanwhile, the calm and spacious lagoon nearby looks very friendly for small children who want to play in the water. There are tourist boats parked neatly on the edge of the lagoon, as well as colorful duck boats waiting to be boarded.

For sports fans, please cycle along the beach, ride an ATV or conquer the sandy terrain with motocross. The calm lagoon is also fun for paddling a canoe. If you are worried about letting your children play in the water on the beach, there is a small swimming pool for them so they can swim safely. Apart from that, Glagah Beach is also a paradise for anglers. Fishing using the casting technique on a tetrapod is certainly an experience in itself. We can get several types of fish such as Surung, Caru (baby GT), Talang, Pethek (Mlawis), Garon, Layur and others here.

When the sun is hot, enjoying fresh watermelon or melons sold on the road to the beach directly from local farmers is certainly very tempting. Enjoy the fruit while sitting on the lincak-lincak shaded by the prawn pine trees along the edge of the lagoon. If hunger strikes, several stalls selling various processed fish around the beach can quench your hunger instantly.

After a day of playing at the beach, don’t be in a rush to leave. Wait until the sun returns to its bed. Sit and face west on the side of the road near the row of breakwaters, enjoy the golden light that reflects perfectly from the sea surface and filters through the gaps in the tetrapods. Listen to the waves crashing, see the sky becoming more orange and feel the lagoon becoming calmer. They will end the day so sweetly and romantically.

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