Ngurtafur Beach, a stretch of white sand that divides the ocean

Ngurtafur Beach, a stretch of white sand that divides the ocean –

The Kei Islands are a group of islands located to the southeast of the Maluku Islands, precisely in Southeast Maluku. This archipelago has several small islands with stunning natural panoramas.

especially the beach tourism, Maluku is indeed a beach paradise in the world. Because the natural scenery presented on the Maluku coast is truly amazing.

If you are in Maluku, take the time to visit Ngurtavur Beach or Ngurtafur Beach which is located on Woha Island, Southeast Maluku. Ngurtafur consists of two words, namely ngur meaning sand while tafur means arising.

So based on the kei language, Ngurtavur or Ngurtafur means emerging sand. Ngurtafur is a stretch of raised sand that extends for about 2 km, which will appear when sea water recedes, dividing the ocean into two parts.

Location of Ngurtafur Beach

The location of Ngurtafur Beach is in the Banda Sea region and is on Woha Island which is part of the Kei Islands, Southeast Maluku Regency, Maluku.

Route to Ngurtafur Beach

The route to Ngurtafur Beach if you depart from Jakarta, you have to take an airplane to Karel Sadsuitubun Airport in Langgur City, with a travel time of around 5 hours.

From the airport, continue your journey to Ohoi Debut Harbor, from here you must continue using the boat you rented previously.

The journey you will take by boat will take around 30 minutes, sailing across the vast sea where the blue sky blends with the blue sea.

Ngurtafur Beach Opening Hours

Ngurtafur Beach’s operational hours are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

However, to get to Ngurtafur Beach you have to watch the tides and the best time is April-May or October-December.

Ngurtafur Beach Tickets

Tickets when visiting Ngurtafur Beach don’t cost a penny, but you have to spend money to rent a boat with a price range of around 1 million per boat which can accommodate 8 to 10 people.

Ngurtafur Beach Facilities

There are no public facilities around Ngurtafur Beach, there is only a viewing post and a gazebo that you can use to rest, which is also on Woha Island.

Attraction of Ngurtafur Beach

Your visit to Southeast Maluku will not be complete if you don’t visit Ngurtafur Beach, because this beach has a very charming attraction, namely:

1. The Miracle Of Embossed Sand

Ngurtafur Beach is a stretch of raised sand that will appear when the sea water is low, and will be covered again when the sea water starts to rise.

This stretch of soft, white sand seems to divide the ocean into two parts, and you will feel the sensation of walking in the middle of the open sea.

As long as your feet walk along this white sand, a feeling of awe and amazement never stops reverberating within you. It’s so extraordinary that God can paint this kind of beauty, it’s truly second to none.

If you are lucky, you can meet pelicans stopping at Ngurtafur Beach. These pelicans actually live around the coast, not migrating from Australia.

Apart from seeing flocks of pelicans, you can also witness the presence of leatherback turtles which are usually called Tabob by local residents.

2. Enjoy The Fresh Sea Water

After witnessing the miracle of emerging sand, you should also swim to feel the fresh and clear sea water. However, if you are not good at swimming, you should use a life jacket, because the depth is quite deep.

Swimming at Ngurtafur Beach is really refreshing, the water is so clear that you can freely see to the bottom without anything getting in the way. The most appropriate activity to see the beauty of the seabed is snorkeling.

However, because there is no rental equipment for snorkeling, you have to bring your own snorkeling needs.

3. View The Open Sea From The Viewing Post

Continue your journey along this stretch of white sand, then you will find a viewing post about 3 to 4 meters high located on Woha Island.

From this tower you can clearly see the curves of Ngurtafur Beach decorated with very clean white sand. Coupled with the vast blue sea that seems endless, Maluku is truly a beach paradise in Indonesia.

4. Extraordinary Photo Spot

Natural beauty is the best and second to none photo spot, the panorama presented by Ngurtafur Beach is very beautiful. A stretch of clean and soft white sand, combined with the blue sea and white clouds covering it.

Don’t miss out on immortalizing this beauty, capture it in the form of videos or photos. And let other people see the beauty of Ngurtafur Beach.

Travel Tips

When you want to visit Ngurtafur Beach, you should pay attention to the following tips:

Wear a hat or sunglasses when at Ngurtafur Beach, because there are no trees that you can use as a place for shade.

Bring food and drink supplies for your provisions while you are at Ngurtafur Beach.

Always keep Ngurtafur Beach clean and beautiful.

Avoid actions that can harm yourself and others.

If you see that the water is high, you should quickly leave Ngurtafur Beach, because it will be drowned by the rising sea water.

Prepare your gadget to capture the beauty of Ngurtafur Beach.

Ngurtafur Beach is a natural wonder that can make anyone amazed to see it. This white sand appears when nature permits.

A very beautiful place to spend time with loved ones. Visit Ngurtafur Beach, located in Southeast Maluku, and see its beauty for yourself.

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