See the beauty of Pintu Kota Beach with its unique coral cliffs

See the beauty of Pintu Kota Beach with its unique coral cliffs – Attraction of Pintu Kota Beach. Photos are just illustrations, not the actual location. Photo source: Media

Beach Pintu Kota is one of the beaches in Ambon and has its own attraction in the eyes of visitors. One of the unique things about this beach is the arrangement of coral cliffs.
On one part of the beach, there is a coral cliff that looks like a giant door. This is what makes this beach given the name Pintu Kota Beach.
Attraction of Pintu Kota Beach
Quoted from the official Maluku Investment page,, PantaiThe doorThe city is a beautiful beach with coral rocks in Ambon. The location is in Nusaniwe, Kec. Nusaniwe, Ambon City, Maluku.

The following are some of the attractions of this beach which make it one of the favorite tourist destinations.

1. The uniqueness of the Coral Cliff

The first thing that attracts this beach is its unique coral cliffs. One part of this coral cliff was eroded by waves over the years, forming a giant tunnel or “door”.

This cliff has become a tourist icon for this beach, and visitors can take photos in the tunnel, feeling the sensation of waves crashing against the rocks up close.

2. Stunning Natural Views

Apart from its unique coral cliffs, this beach also offers other stunning natural beauty. The fine white sand and clear, turquoise sea water make this beach an ideal place for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing.

Here visitors can also enjoy beautiful sea views, with a group of small islands in the distance.

3. Diverse Activities

Visitors who come to this beach can do various exciting and interesting activities. Visitors can try snorkeling or diving to see the underwater beauty full of coral reefs and various types of fish.
For those who like a challenge, hiking to the top of a coral cliff is also an interesting option. Where visitors can enjoy stunning views of the beach from above.

4. Complete facilities

This beach is equipped with various adequate facilities to support visitor comfort. Here there are food stalls selling various kinds of food and drinks, toilets and a large parking area.

Pintu BeachCitywith its unique coral cliffs and stunning natural beauty, it is a tourist destination that must be visited when in Ambon. (ARD)

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