Merak Kecil Island: Attractions, Prices, Locations and Routes

Merak Kecil Island: Attractions, Prices, Locations and Routes – Jakarta – Merak Kecil Island is a marine tourism attraction in Cilegon City, Banten Province. This small island has a number of attractions, ranging from the beauty of the beaches, ocean, to the scenery.

Check out this article to find out complete information about Merak Kecil Island, starting from attractions, facilities, prices and costs, location, and how to get to Merak Kecil Island.

A Glimpse into Merak Kecil Island

Merak Kecil Island is one of the islands in the north of Banten Province. It is located in the waters of the Sunda Strait along with several other islands, such as Merak Besar Island. Terdapat banyak member aktif yang yang bermain dan berhail mendapatkan keuntugnan juga kemenangan terbesar di dalam situs toto togel okewla ini.

Quoted from the Cilegon City Government website, this island is not far from Merak Harbor. As is known, Merak Port is a large port which is the departure and arrival point for ferries to and from Sumatra.

Attraction of Merak Kecil Island

The attraction of Merak Kecil Island starts from the views, activities and facilities, which are quoted from and Pancasila University Tourism and Hospitality Management Journal Vol. 1, No. August 3, 2023:

1. White Sand Beach

Merak Kecil Island offers beautiful white sand beaches and views of blue sea water. On the other side there are also beautiful coral rocks for photo backgrounds.

2. Sunset and ship views

This island is also suitable as a sunset point or point to watch the sunset. Apart from that, you can see ferries passing to and from Merak Harbor which is not far from Merak Kecil Island.

3. Camping

If you want to see the sunset, you have to stay overnight on this island, because boat operating hours are only until 17.00 WIB. You can camp near the beach while enjoying the atmosphere of the waves crashing at night. And there is no electricity here, so camping is even more fun.

4. Rides and Water Sports

You can rent a number of water rides, such as banana boats and boat rides. Apart from that, this place is suitable for those of you who like water sports such as snorkeling.

5. Facilities

Supporting facilities on Merak Kecil Island are available, but they are not optimal in terms of quantity and quality. These facilities include:

  • Toilet
  • Changing place
  • Prayer room
  • Roadside stall

Ticket Prices and Fees on Merak Kecil Island

Merak Kecil Island tourism is cheap. Tourists are only charged a boat crossing fee of IDR 15,000 round trip (pp). On the island there is only a cleaning fee of IDR 2,000.

If you use public transportation, you have to pay around IDR 5,000 to take public transportation from the station to the port. Apart from that, you will be charged another fee to ride the banana boat. If you want to camp, you will be charged IDR 125,000.

Location and How to Get to Merak Kecil Island

Merak Kecil Island is included in the Pulomerak District, Cilegon Regency, Banten Province. To reach the island, you have to cross by boat from Mabak Beach.

To get to Mabak Beach, you can use private or public transportation. By private vehicle, the distance traveled from the center of Cilegon City is around 12 km or around 20 minutes.

If using public transportation from Jakarta, take the train from Tanah Abang Station to Rangkasbitung Station, then take the local train to Merak Station. Then continue by taking a red public transportation with a fare of IDR 5,000 to Mabak Beach.

So, that’s the complete information about Merak Kecil Island, starting from attractions, facilities, prices and costs, location, and how to get there. Happy holidays!

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