Viral, Garland Barnville Cafe in Garut Offers Unique European Views and Menus

Garland Barnville has become a trending topic on various social media. Garland Barnville is said to have views like Switzerland with expanses of green land and mountain views in the background.

Actually, what is Garland Barnville?

Garland Barnville, Swiss View Concept Cafe

Garland Barnville is a new cafe in the Garut area which offers views like Switzerland. Garland Barnville is a cafe with a European concept as evidenced by the building design and the type of food offered.

The Garland Barnville Cafe, which just opened on December 31 2023, has gone viral because of the various advantages it offers, from the place, view, food, to experience.

Therefore, for GNFI friends who want to experience something like in Europe, immediately come to Garland Barnville which is located in Garut, West Java.

What is the attraction of Garland Barnville?

As a cafe, Garland Barnville certainly serves delicious dishes. However, Garland Barnville doesn’t just sell food and drinks. More than that, Garland Barnville provides stunning views and can spoil the eyes.

Barnville’s Garland Cafe sits at the end of a wide expanse of green grass. The design of the Garland Barnville cafe is also unique. The cafe predominantly uses glass as walls rather than brick.

The combination of white on some parts of the building, brown on some parts of the building, and red on the roof certainly adds a minimalist impression, typical of European-style building design.

The purpose of using glass in most parts of the Garland Barnville building is of course so that visitors can see the beautiful view from inside the cafe. Moreover, right behind the Garland Barnville cafe building is a view of the mountains in the Garut area.

Apart from being indoors , Garland Barnville also provides lots of chairs in the outdoor area . GNFI friends can choose outdoors but still under the roof or a row of chairs directly under the sky and among a wide expanse of grass.

If you visit GNFI in the afternoon, of course outdoor is a very suitable choice because you can see the sunset directly and the sparkling lights that are starting to be turned on.

What Activities Can You Do at Garland Barnville?

Garland Barnville has a very large land area. Therefore, Garland Barnville can be used as a place for gatherings from small to large scale. No need to worry about space. Garland Barnville provides many choices of chairs, both indoors and outdoors . Gatherings are certainly more exciting considering that the location is in the highlands so the air tends to be cooler.

Apart from gatherings , Garland Barnville can also be used as a wedding venue. Moreover, if the marriage has an international concept, especially Europe. Garland Barnville is suitable to be combined with minimalist or fully decorated venue designs . Apart from weddings, this cafe is also suitable as a pre-wedding photo spot and a venue for various events and celebrations.

No need to worry about the amenities at Garland Barnville. Apart from being aesthetic and instagrammable, Garland Barnville provides quite complete supporting facilities, ranging from spacious parking, toilets, to prayer rooms.

Uniquely, the prayer room is in a black building, separate from the main cafe building. For those of you who don’t know, of course you will think that the prayer room building is just a place to take photos because of its aesthetic shape.

Menu di Garland Barnville

As a cafe, of course the menu offered by Garland Barville is not too extensive. However, the taste of the menus available has certainly proven to be delicious. In fact, prices at Garland Barnville are still relatively cheap, starting from IDR 25,000.

Garland Barnville provides a selection of European-style food and drinks, such as soda based and mocktails, ice bland, coffee, pizza, spaghetti, and sweet desserts.

Prices for mocktails and soda based drinks start from IDR 26,000 to IDR 28,000, various coffee variants from IDR 22,000 to IDR 26,000, and various pizzas from IDR 42,000 to IDR 48,000. These prices and menus are part of the trial opening or trial opening of Garland Barnville.

Garland Barnville Hours of Operation and Routes

Currently, Garland Barnville is still in trial opening status . For this reason, the information presented in this article is subject to change at any time.

Garnland Barnville is open from 13.00 – 22.30 WIB. There is no fee or admission to enjoy the views at Garland Barnville. Visitors only pay a parking ticket of around IDR 5,000.

Garland Barnville is located in Tanjungsari, Karangpawitan District, Garut Regency, West Java. To get to this location, GNFI Friends only travel around 5.4 kilometers or 15 minutes from Garut City Center.

From Garut Square, Kawan needs to head east through Jalan Ahmad Yani. Then, Kawan turn right or take the direction to Jalan Cireundeu. Well, the Garland Barnville location is about 1.2 kilos away.

Access to Garland Barnville is quite easy and can be used by various vehicles, from two wheels to four wheels. If GNFI friends are confused, you can use the Google Maps directions application to find the viral Garland Barnville cafe.

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