White Sand Beach of Sirih and Karang Meong, Beautiful Beach Tourism in Anyer, Serang Regency, Banten

White Sand Beach of Sirih and Karang Meong, Beautiful Beach Tourism in Anyer, Serang Regency, Banten – Anyer Beach, Serang Regency is no longer foreign to the people of Banten and the Jabodetabek area.

Anyer Beach, Serang Banten Regency, is very famous in Indonesia and abroad.

With various tourist destinations spread along the coast, it can be a choice for tourists visiting Anyer, Serang Banten Regency.

A number of beaches in Anyer, Serang Regency include Pasir Putih Sirih Beach and Karang Meong.

Pasir Putih Sirih and Karang Meong beaches have soft sand and views of the waves crashing against the coral shoreline.

The beautiful ocean panorama with fresh air can eliminate all boredom and fatigue during daily activities.

Quoted by Banten News from YouTube Eru Wahyudi, Pasir Putih Sirih and Karang Meong beaches are located on the Karang Bolong highway, Kamasan, Cinangka District, Serang Regency, Banten Province.

If you are outside Banten and want to visit the beaches in Anyer, Pasir Putih Sirih and Karang Meong beaches are perfect for visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of the beach with their family.

The White Sand Beaches of Sirih and Karang Meong are highly recommended, with stretches of white sand and very sloping beaches, making visitors feel safe when playing in the sand and bathing.

The entrance ticket is also relatively cheap. If you use a motorbike it’s only IDR 20,000, a car IDR 50,000, that includes the person, so it’s very cheap to travel to Pasir Putih Sirih Beach.

The facilities provided include toilets, a rinse room, a hut, as well as stalls selling various foods and drinks.

If you don’t bring a mat, many locations provide mat rental for around IDR 15,000.

If you forget to bring provisions, there are also many stalls that provide various necessities such as t-shirts, trousers, sandals, hats and glasses, all of which are available.

For those who want to enjoy dishes, they are also available, from heavy food to light ones, as well as drinks, young coconut is also available. Basically it’s complete.

For sons and daughters who want to swim at the beach, it is highly recommended because the beach is sloping, the sand is very soft without coral, making it comfortable to play in the sand.

Tire and float balloon rentals are available for those who want to swim with a float.

For those who want to play in the middle of the ocean, there are also special boats that serve to travel around the sea.

It is also available for those who want to test their courage by riding a very challenging banana boat or jet ski, at a predetermined rate.

The satisfaction of traveling on the white sand beach of Meong coral will definitely be a beautiful memory, and certainly unforgettable.

Pasir Putih Sirih Beach really pampers visitors with various photo spots and selfies which are very exotic and make visitors always want to immortalize them with various photo styles.***

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