Bandulu Anyer Beach, the Best Place to Watch the Sunset in Anyer

Bandulu Anyer Beach, the Best Place to Watch the Sunset in Anyer – The beaches in Anyer have quite long lines. There are many beach tourist attractions that can be found, one of which is Bandulu Anyer Beach. Here the beach atmosphere is very beautiful, the waves are quite big but safe and there are quite a lot of natural charm that is second to none.

There are many beach activities that can be done while traveling here and on this occasion we will provide a complete review regarding the charm of Bandulu Anyer Beach. Let’s check first!

Review of Bandulu Anyer Beach

  • Address : Sirih Lor, Bandulu, Kec. Anyar, Serang Regency, Banten
  • Google maps : Click here
  • Opening hours : 24 hours
  • Entrance ticket fee : IDR 20,000.00

Bandulu Anyer Beach is not as beautiful as other beaches in Anyer . However, that doesn’t mean this beach is not worth visiting. One of the most interesting things that can be found on this beach with blackish brown sand is the sunset.

This is because the location of this beach is very strategic to provide the most beautiful sunset atmosphere. Therefore, the best time to visit Bandulu Beach is in the late afternoon around 14.00 WIB – 17.00 WIB so that around 18.00 – 18.30 WIB you can still watch the sunset.

However, if it is the sunset that you want to see at Bandulu beach, make sure you get permission directly from the beach administrator or guard so that they can monitor tourists who have not returned home in the late afternoon.

What tourist facilities are provided at Bandulu Anyer Beach?

This beach has several facilities and services consisting of:

  • The vehicle parking area is quite large and can accommodate dozens of cars
  • Prayer room
  • Bathroom or toilet
  • Several food stalls on the beach
  • Haven
  • Tire/buoy rental place for those who can’t swim

Tourist activities at Bandulu Anyer Beach

Apart from being able to watch the beautiful sunset on one of the beaches in the Anyer area, there are several other tourist activities that you can also do here, namely:

  • Take a walk along the beach
  • Playing in the beach waves
  • Swim around the beach using a tire (tubes can be rented at rental places to make swimming safer, especially for those who can’t swim)

For those of you who want to swim at this beach, there is also a warning that you must be careful when swimming and not go too far to prevent undesirable things from happening.

Bandulu Anyer Beach goes viral

Yes, recently Bandulu Anyer Beach has gone viral. This happened because the ticket price for the vehicle that was complained about was very expensive. So why are tickets so expensive?

With not too many facilities, the vehicle ticket price is IDR 80,000.00 per vehicle. This has been commented on and complained by many visitors. However, the ticket of Rp. 80,000.00 is not for a motorbike but for a car.

For motorbikes, the vehicle ticket price is still normal, namely IDR 10,000.00 per vehicle. However, despite this, the ticket tickets for these vehicles are highly complained about.

The Head of Public Relations of the Banten Regional Police finally explained that the tickets were expensive because the beach was quite far away and Bandulu Anyer Beach was one of the private beaches that was open to the public.

However, the owner of the beach location will certainly be taxed on the income he has earned. Or do you want to visit other beach tourist attractions in Anyer?

Anyer has quite a lot of beach attractions that you can visit. Apart from Bandulu Beach, there are many other beach attractions that you can visit. For a list of other beach attractions that you can visit around the Anyer area, read: 5 tourist attractions in Banten that you must explore

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