Tomini Bay, Sulawesi Heaven on Earth in Indonesia

Tomini Bay, Sulawesi Heaven on Earth in Indonesia – You really must visit this Indonesian tourist attraction because this place has extraordinary beauty… If you have a hobby of diving, it won’t be complete if you don’t try visiting this place.

Don’t you know Tomini Bay yet ? Well, Tomini Bay is the largest bay in Indonesia, Tomini Bay has an area of ​​around 6,000,000 hectares and has 90 islands. Imagine how big and vast Tomini Bay is.

Why is this place a tourist attraction? What’s interesting about Tomini Bay ? Well, this place has been made into a tourist spot because the underwater views are really beautiful… the water is clear. For those of you who really like diving or snorkeling, it won’t be complete if you don’t dive into the waters which are often called Heaven on Earth laughingand it’s guaranteed. For those of you who have seen the beauty here, it is difficult to compare it with other underwater views, therefore there is nothing wrong with this place being a favorite for divers from abroad and within the country. Be proud of being an Indonesian resident because Indonesia has Tomini Bay which has exotic and beautiful underwater views.

For those of you who want to find a good diving spot??? There are around 200 really cool diving spots in Tomini Bay . There are 30 of the biggest spots in Gorontalo, and 20 in Togian, can you imagine if you want to dive there are lots of cool diving spots… and there is one diving spot that is a dream for tourists who have a hobby of diving, namely the Togean Islands and the Marine Park Because this place has a variety of coral reefs and sea water, in this area it is clear so from above the water you can see what is in the water, such as colorful fish, you can imagine how exciting, beautiful and guaranteed this place will be very impressive for you. you visit.

Tomini Bay is not only a valuable asset for local residents, but also nationally and even globally, therefore, take care of the beauty that exists on this earth so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy the beauty that exists on this earth.

In Tomini Bay you will find lots of giant coral reefs, nemo fish, anemos, octopuses, gobies and many other marine biota that you can find in the waters of Tomini Bay . Tourists who go to this place usually flock to explore the beautiful waters of Tomini Bay and see the life under the sea.

Here you can relax while sunbathing, and in the morning you can see a really beautiful sunrise. Apart from doing exciting diving activities, here you can also enjoy fresh seafood which you can find at the restaurant in the beach area.

One more thing that you must visit while in Tomini Bay is that you can see dolphins swimming and you can see them in the wild. If you want to see cute dolphins then come in February-April so you can see a group of dolphins swimming freely and performing amazing attractions here.

Come visit Tomini Bay with friends, family and loved ones, we guarantee that if you choose a holiday to Tomini Bay, it will be memorable and hard to forget.

How to Get There

Tomini Bay , located in North Sulawesi. Tomini Bay is located not far from the equator, therefore this beach is a place for tourists to choose to enjoy their relaxing and holiday time by sunbathing and of course diving because here it is famous for its charming underwater views.

So for those of you who want to go to this place, choose Naha Airport as your destination. After arriving at Naha Airport, choose Tomini Bay as your destination.

Hopefully the information above is useful for those of you who want to find information about Tomini Bay .

Tomini Bay Tips and Tricks

    1. It definitely sucks when you’re traveling and your flip-flops break. You can bring 2 sandals so that when your sandals break you can wear the sandals you brought earlier.
    2. Bring mineral water in a refillable bottle. Because, you easily get dehydrated, especially when exposed to the hot sun.
    3. Another thing you must bring is of course a camera to capture your holiday moments. Then sunglasses, swimsuit, change of clothes, and flip-flops. There’s no harm in equipping yourself with band-aids and personal medication.

Here I have a video about ” Tomini Bay ” which will amaze you because of its natural atmosphere and beauty which you should try and get to know.

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