Gaze at the Charming Beauty of Many Islands from the Rangit Island Lighthouse

Gaze at the Charming Beauty of Many Islands from the Rangit Island Lighthouse – KBRN, Singkil: Aceh Singkil, Aceh, which is known to be rich in the beauty of clear sea tourism and is able to satisfy the eyes of visitors while on holiday.  Especially, when you want to gaze at and enjoy the clear sea water and various coral reefs below the sea surface. The beauty of the island – the trophy can be seen from around the Rangit Island Lighthouse building, Aceh Singkil. 

“Even though the land area of ​​Rangit Island only reaches around 300 square meters, however, when the holiday season arrives, Rangit Kecil Island is one of several islands in the area that must be visited and never missed by visitors (tourists). “Both locals and tourists from abroad,” said Sumardi, the owner of Rangit Island, when met at the end of last month around Rangit Island, Aceh Singkil, Aceh. 

Because, apart from around Rangit Kecil Island, Pulau Banyak District, Aceh Singkil has a stretch of white sand beach which can make visitors reluctant to leave the island.  Also, the presence of coconut trees around the island and the gentle breeze make it the main attraction for visitors to feel at home and want to linger on Rangit Island.

Likewise, the nautical charm can spoil the eyes. The island is located only about 45 minutes from the capital of Pulau Banyak sub-district. To get to Rangit Kecil Island, it also has a tower or lighthouse as high as 35 meters.  In fact, he explained, even though it seems tiring to reach the top of the building which has eight floors, you want to be free to enjoy the beauty of the island from the height of the lighthouse. However, this does not deter visiting tourists from climbing hundreds of steps to the top of the tower. 

“Because when visitors feel tired in the middle of the tower, visitors also don’t need to worry because the beauty of the Banyak Islands can be enjoyed from the lighthouse windows on each floor,” he added.  Sumradi further explained that when visitors are successful they can pass all the steps of the tower. Usually every tourist, from the top of the lighthouse, can see the beautiful views of the islands freely and don’t forget to take selfies. Among other things, looking at Panjang Island, Rangit Besar Island, Palambak Island, Baguk Island, Asok Island and several other islands from a distance.

Also, apart from being a facility for visitors to enjoy views of the islands in the area. Also, previously the existence of the lighthouse or tower on Rangit Island was evidence of a navigation track record for activating the Singkil sea route which served as a guide for captains or fishermen.  So, the lighthouse was built by the Central Tapanuli Government from North Sumatra Province. Even though it is included in the Aceh administrative area, until now this building is very useful. 

On the other hand, to get to Rangit Kecil Island, visitors or tourists have to travel 3.5 hours via ferry to Balai Island, Pulau Banyak District, Aceh Singkil, Aceh.  Then, tourists cross to Rangit Island using wooden speed boats to enjoy views of the clear water down to the bottom. 

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