The Uniqueness of Seribu Islands Attracts Many Tourists Every Day

The uniqueness of Seribu Islands seems to hypnotize many tourists to return to visit. Thousand Islands is a tourist destination with many visitors every day. This island has its own charm.

Thousand Islands is indeed the right choice for a holiday, the area is not far from the city of Jakarta making this tourist attraction easy to reach. There is a harbor and as an island there are residents.

Thousand Islands offers many unique things that you can enjoy, the beauty of the beaches with the charm of white sand, with clear white water makes visitors want to come back.

There are many islands that are used as tourist destinations, but there are also islands that are not used as tourist destinations because of their natural conditions. There are many facilities that you can enjoy.

The uniqueness of Seribu Islands attracts many tourists every day

1. Forest conservation and animal breeding area

The first unique thing about Seribu Island is that this location is used as a place for animal conservation and breeding. Not many people know about this, because only certain islands are selected. The natural wealth on this island is still very well preserved, you can do tourist activities such as diving, jetskiing, banana boating and others. Apart from that, you can visit an animal conservation area. The uniqueness of Seribu Islands makes this tourist destination very interesting to visit. The local government works together with residents to care for the nature there, both flora and fauna.

Visitors are strictly prohibited from carrying out activities that could damage the existing ecosystem, both land and marine ecosystems. So that the environment of Seribu Islands is maintained. This makes Thousand Islands unique, long-term nature conservation is carried out so that this island can be enjoyed from generation to generation. You can also see the turtle breeding directly. Apart from being a natural tourist attraction, Thousand Islands is also an educational tourist attraction. It’s not wrong if you invite your children to visit here. Apart from seeing turtles, you can also see coral reef and mangrove conservation. This uniqueness makes tourists aware of the importance of preserving nature, and aware of not destroying nature and the existing ecosystem. Build awareness about throwing away rubbish in the right place while on holiday. If tourists do not play a role in preserving the natural environment on Thousand Islands, it can be said that it will not be long before the beauty of this island will disappear. Seribu Island no longer has any attractions to visit.

2. There are many myths on Seribu Islands

Thousand Islands has a long history, where the colonial government used this island as a trade center during its time. Not only that, there is an island that was used as a prison at that time. Many myths develop there, this is unique to Seribu Islands that you should know. Believe it or not, this myth cannot be separated from the island. Myths develop by word of mouth, even from the time of our ancestors, these myths have developed. If you go on holiday to this island, you should maintain ethics and behavior. The goal is that nothing bad happens to you, despite the myth that good behavior will lead to good circumstances. Meanwhile, bad behavior will also cause bad conditions.

But the existence of these myths does not discourage visitors from coming to this island. The uniqueness of Thousand Islands actually attracts more visitors to come. The myths that develop make visitors more curious, by answering the curiosity of many who come to prove these myths. It’s not surprising that this island is never empty of visitors. An example of a myth circulating is about the love bridge that connects the islands of Tidung Kecil and Tidung Besar. Whoever crosses the island via this bridge, their love can be broken or it can last. Another myth, if you jump into the sea via this love bridge, various bad thoughts will disappear. Apart from that, there are many myths that there are small but invisible inhabitants of Tidung Island.

Many tourists see Dutch girls on the small Tidung Island, even though only local people live on Tidung Island. But in ancient times this island was where the Dutch lived.

Another unique thing about Seribu Islands is that if you take photos and display an old tree ready to be harvested, you will get an unexpected fortune. However, this uniqueness has not been proven to be true or not.

3. There is a national monument on Seribu Island

Apart from the myths spread around this island, there is also a national monument located in the sea. You usually see statues or monuments on land, but not this time.

You will be presented with the uniqueness of Seribu Island which is very beautiful and historic, namely the monument that is in sea water. This monument is located near Pramuka Island. You have to dive as deep as 5 meters to see it.

This national monument is different from the Monas in the national capital, this monument is only 2.5 meters high. You can see this uniqueness by including Monas viewing activities in the tour package.

4. Gosong Island

Another unique thing about Seribu Islands is that there is Gosong Island. The philosophy of this name is that if you sunbathe on this island, your skin will become burnt or dark. Because the sun on this island is very hot. This island also does not have four shelters, because the island is very small. The island has an area of ​​no more than 100 square meters, so this island often sinks due to high tide.

If you look from a distance, this island is like a sand dune, there are no trees. But the uniqueness of this island actually makes it a special attraction for tourists. It is proven that this island is never empty of visitors, even just to sunbathe and stop by this island. The unparalleled beauty of the island makes this island a holiday choice.

5. Thousand Islands Religious Tourism

Another unique thing about Seribu Islands is that they have religious tourism which makes tourists curious. One of the religious attractions that you can find is the tomb of Al Habib Ali bin Ahman bin Zeid Aidid.

He is one of the saints on Panggung Island, who has been preaching since the 18th century in the north Jakarta area. He died in 1892, this cleric came from Handramaut.

Apart from that, there is the grave of Syarif Maulana Syafrudin on Kelapa Island. You can also visit the tomb of Sultan Mahmud Zakaria on Panjang Island. You can use tour and travel services to get there.

Tourist attractions that provide various attractions that are worth visiting. The uniqueness of Thousand Islands makes this tourist spot a holiday choice, there are many facilities and various tourist activities that you can enjoy with your beloved family.

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