Glass Beach in California, once a place to dump rubbish, is now a tourist destination

casperbetcasinoadresi , Jakarta – A beach in the Fort Bragg area, California , United States, is covered with smooth, colorful glass pebbles. These glass pebbles create a beach that looks colorful, especially when hit by sunlight. This beach is also one of the beaches visited by many tourists.

Fort Bragg is considered a California Historical Landmark, was a military garrison before the American Civil War, and later became a famous logging and fishing town. Long before that, the area was home to the Pomo Native American tribe for thousands of years, who relied on the area for fishing and gathering.

Beach history

This glass beach was formed by accident. In 1906, Fort Bragg residents made this area a dumping ground for rubbish , including glass and metal. By 1943, the landfill was full and local residents had to move their glass waste to another site nearby. In late 1967, the Fort Bragg area had three landfill sites named Site 1, Site 2, and Site 3.

That’s when they realized that throwing rubbish in that way was not the right thing to do. The area was finally closed for a long time.

Cleanup efforts began after Site 3 closed in 1967. Over the years, larger materials and debris were physically removed from the beach. The discarded glass, however, was naturally broken up by decades of incessant waves and turned into the smooth, colorful sea glass that tourists can see today.

Today, Glass Beach is a protected area and part of MacKerricher State Park. Every year, thousands of visitors visit this beach to enjoy its unique beauty. But many visitors not only enjoy the beauty of the beach, they also want to take that beauty home. At Site 1, many people took glass pebbles from the beach, which over time changed the beach. Most of the glass gravel can now be found at Site 2 and Site 3.


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