The beauty of the peak of Mount Merbabu can be reached via 5 climbing routes

The beauty of the peak of Mount Merbabu can be reached via 5 climbing routes – Jakarta -Mount Merbabu is the third highest mountain in Central Java, after Mount Slamet and Mount Sumbing. This mountain with an altitude of 3,145 meters above sea level is in Central Java on the border of Magelang, Boyolali and Semarang districts.
In ancient times, this mountain was known as Mount Pamarihan or Mount Damalung. The name Merbabu itself only recently appeared in Dutch records. Mount Merbabu has Syarif Peak, Triangulasi, and Kenteng Songo, each only 30 minutes away.

How long does it take to climb Mount Merbabu?

Reporting from the Visit Central Java page , there are five official climbing routes that can be taken to climb Mount Merbabu. Namely Selo-Boyolali, Suwanting-Magelang, Wekas-Magelang, Cuntel-Semarang, and Thekelan-Semarang.

Each route has different challenges and landscapes. Come on, take a look at the following climbing route for Mount Merbabu.

Selo Climbing Route

This route is one of the most favorite routes for climbers, especially beginner climbers because it is the most easily accessible and has beautiful views. The basecamp for this route is also close to the main road.

Traveling from Basecamp, Detikers will pass Post 1 – Post 2 – Post 3 – Sabana 1 – Sabana 2 until finally arriving at the top. The biggest challenge on this route is the limited water sources and the fairly long rock climb.

The attraction of this route is the view of Mount Merapi which can be seen from Savannah 1 and 2. Both are favorite camping spots to get beautiful sunset or sunrise moments. To reach the top you need to continue the journey for 6 hours from Sabana 2.

Wekas ​​Hiking Trail

From basecamp, Detikers can go straight to post II because post I is no longer used. The Wekas ​​route is quite a popular route because the distance is shorter and has many water sources.

However, this route has the most climbs and the fewest rest posts. To reach the top, Detikers must travel around 8.5 hours.

Suwanting Hiking Trail

Climbing Suwanting is quite challenging. This climbing route is dominated by long inclines with sandy terrain that is quite slippery to traverse.

There are lots of trees along the journey from post 1 to post 2 which makes the journey not feel too hot even though it is uphill. The Suwanting route takes around 7 hours to reach Kenteng Songo Peak.

Cuntel Climbing Route

The climbing time for this route is around 9 hours because you have to pass a number of posts with quite difficult terrain. From post 3 Detikers you can see the peaks of Mount Sumbing and Sindoro.

Thekelan Hiking Trail

The journey required to arrive at the top from basecamp is around 8.5 hours with steep terrain. Fortunately, there are many camping spots to choose from, right up to the Watu Gubug post.

Must register online before climbing Mount Merbabu
The Mount Merbabu National Park Office (BTNGMb) has implemented an online registration system for climbers who want to summit on Merbabu. Climbers can click on the online registration site to register and determine their climbing schedule.

Climbers who have registered will receive an ID, which can be used for subsequent online bookings. After registration, climbers can continue the online booking stage by selecting the route and date for climbing Merbabu.

Prospective climbers can of course consider climbing routes by checking the quota first. After choosing the right route and schedule, climbers can proceed to the stages of Calculating Ticket Fees, Confirmation, and Proceeding to Payment.

Mount Merbabu Entrance Ticket Price

For climbing trips, Detikers will be charged an administration or viewing fee at each basecamp. With cost details as follows:

  • Individual Entry Ticket for Indonesian Citizens for Weekdays IDR 5,000 and Weekends IDR 7,500
  • Entrance ticket for groups of Indonesian citizens for weekdays is IDR 3,000 and weekends IDR 4,500
  • Individual Entrance Ticket for Foreigners Weekdays IDR 150,000 and Weekends IDR 225,000
  • Entrance Ticket for Groups of Foreigners for Weekdays IDR 100,000 and Weekends IDR 150,000
  • Trekking, Hiking, Individual Camping IDR 5,000 and Group IDR 2,500
  • SIMAKSI Rp. 10,000
  • Ascent Rp. 15,000
  • Insurance Rp. 1,000.

Mount Merbabu Operational Hours

Detikers can visit Mount Merbabu for 24 hours. Choose a day with safe and appropriate weather to climb, Detikers.

Tips for visiting Mount Merbabu

Here are some tips that Detikers can use as a reference when going on holiday, namely:

  • Make sure your body is in top condition before climbing.
  • Bring a camera to get the best photos.
  • The best time to visit Mount Merbabu is during a long holiday.
  • Come with your loved ones for a more memorable holiday sensation.
  • Use the services of a travel agent for a practical holiday.

Mount Merbabu Facilities

Even though it is still in the wild, Mount Merbabu is a busy tourist attraction and provides several facilities, including:

  • Parking area
  • Place of worship (prayer room)
  • Bathroom/WC
  • Rest area

Attraction of Mount Merbabu

Friendly Community

The people around Mount Merbabu are very friendly. They are ready to help Detikers who want to climb the mountain.

Has a mystical story in it

According to local stories, several places are the gates of magical palaces which are places for meditation.

Beautiful view

When you reach the top, Detikers will be presented with a beautiful and beautiful view of the sunrise. Not only that, when descending the peak, Detikers and their entourage will be treated to fresh air and stretching expanses of grassland.

That’s some information about Mount Merbabu and its various climbing routes. Ready to plan your climb here, Detikers?

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