Pemandangan Gunung Ciremai Sedang Cantik-cantiknya

The view of Mount Ciremai is beautiful Kuningan – Since the last two days the weather conditions in Kuningan Regency, West Java have been sunny. The blue sky without clouds is the dominant atmosphere in this area. These conditions allow people to witness the beauty of Mount Ciremai directly.
Yes, the highest peak in West Java seems to be showing its charm. From a distance, the landscape of Mount Ciremai can be seen clearly. The contour of the slope with rows of green trees is the main attraction.

Previously, the BMKG West Java Climatology Station reported that the weather forecast in Cilimus District, Kuningan Regency today at 07.00 WIB to 10.00 WIB is very sunny. Then in the next few hours, the sky in Kuningan started to get a little cloudy.

Weather conditions like this make the panorama of Mount Ciremai beautiful. So it is not surprising that many residents are attracted to the beauty of the highest peak in Tanah Pasundan.

Monitoring detikJabar, Thursday (13/7/2023) afternoon, the appearance of Mount Ciremai can be seen at a number of points. One of the best spots is near the entrance to Setianegara Village, Cilimus District, Kuningan Regency. Several roadside coffee shops were full of people relaxing while capturing this rare moment using their smartphones.

“I was drinking coffee while enjoying the cool air here. Just happened to pass by, stopped for a moment. Mount Ciremai was looking beautiful. Yes, I took a few photos. In the last few months the view has not been clear because it is often cloudy,” said one Cirebon resident, Aldi (26) to detikJabar.

Actually, Aldi had no intention of taking photos of the view of Mount Ciremai. However, when he ordered coffee at one of the stalls near Setianegara Village, his focus was diverted by the beauty of the mountain.

This man from Cirebon came with his friend. The view of Mount Ciremai was so beautiful, Aldi admitted that he could unwind a little and relax at the shop.

“So I remembered. Last year we camped on Lambosir Hill. Coincidentally, you can see the location from here. Enter via Setianegara Village. There is a nice view there too. In front we can see the conditions of Kuningan and Cirebon, behind is Mount Ciremai ,” said Aldi.

In line with what Aldi said, another Cirebon resident, Aulia (24), said that the clear appearance of Mount Ciremai in its entirety only happened recently. Because the weather conditions a few months ago were usually cloudy and cloudy.

Aulia didn’t just miss this moment. Using his smartphone, he captured the splendor of Mount Ciremai through photos from several angles. For him, the photos taken will be shared on his social media accounts.

“In the past months it often rained. This happened to be passing by, and the view was beautiful. So you can also upload photos on Instagram,” he said briefly.

For the people of Cirebon, Kuningan and surrounding areas, the condition of Mount Ciremai looks very beautiful and clear recently. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying this moment while relaxing with friends or those closest to you.

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