The beauty of Melasti beach with its white sand

The beauty of Melasti beach with its white sand – Melasti Beach is located in Ungasan village which is part of South Kuta District, Badung Regency which has natural resource potential which is supported by existing infrastructure. Ungasan Village is a hilly village, located approximately 4 km from South Kuta District, which can be reached in 15 minutes by public transportation. Then 34 Km from the Provincial Capital.

Melasti Beach is one of the beaches in the South Bali area which is currently under physical development. This beach was given the name “Melasti” because this beach is used as a place for melasti / self-purification ceremonies by local residents which are usually carried out before the Nyepi holiday celebrations in Bali.

Unlike Pandawa beach which is always visited by many tourists and visitors every day. This can be seen from the lack of complete facilities and there are several facilities in the construction stage. The geographical conditions of the beach area are almost the same as Pandawa Beach, namely that it has limestone cliffs, so tourists will be presented with views of the limestone hills before arriving at the shoreline.

Melasti Beach has natural potential, cultural potential and human potential.

The tourism potential of Melasti beach is an attraction that attracts tourists to visit this place which has the following potential:

1. Natural Potential

The natural potential found at Melasti Beach is in the form of beaches and the beauty of towering coral rocks and rolling waves with high waves. The beach panorama at Melasti Beach has its own uniqueness, where the uniqueness is the expanse of unspoiled white sand, the presence of a platform that juts out into the middle of the sea and limestone backfill to prevent tidal abrasion.

2. Cultural Potential

Melasti Beach also has cultural potential that can be used as a tourist attraction. There is Segara Temple which is a holy place for the people of Ungasan Village. Segara Temple was previously used as a place of prayer for Hindus in Ungasan Village. Religious ceremonies were often held at Segara Temple such as the melasti ceremony, pakelem ceremony, nganyud ka pasih ceremony and piodalan ceremony. Melasti Beach is a sacred area for the people of Ungasan Village, because previously Melasti Beach was only used as a melasti ceremony.

3. Artificial Potential

The artificial potential found at Melasti Beach can be seen in terms of the access road to the beach. Where the cliff splitting was carried out by Bendesa who was assisted by local communities as investors in making road access. This potential could be used as a tourist attraction where the cliff is dredged and used as a circular access road. Not only in road access, the construction of the platform also has the potential to become a tourist attraction, where only at Melasti Beach there is a platform that juts out into the sea with high tidal waves.

With this tourist attraction, in the future Melasti Beach can become an international tourism destination that can attract more world attention with its natural beauty and the charm of its white sand. Apart from that, Melasti Beach is expected to be a boost to the economy, especially the MSME sector of the Balinese people, after almost 2 years of being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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