Pangandaran Beach Tourist Destination – Pangandaran Beach is one of the best beaches in Pangandaran Regency, which is located in the southernmost part of West Java and directly borders the Indian Ocean. It is not surprising that this tourist destination is never absent from local and foreign tourists. This beach is a tourism icon in Pangandaran Regency.

The specialty that is a tourist attraction is that visitors can enjoy the sunrise and sunset from the same area. Not only natural panoramas and beaches, in Pangandaran there is also a Nature Tourism Park which is a conservation area for several flora and fauna. At this location there are also heritage sites from the Hindu Buddhist kingdom, namely the Batu Kalde, Nanndi and Yoni inscriptions as well as several natural and artificial caves.

This tourist destination has two beaches, namely east and west. The West Coast has waves that are not that big with a wide expanse of sand stretching along the sides. Activities that can be done at this beach include: swimming, taking a boat to Pasir Putih or touring the TWA Nature Reserve, snorkeling , horse riding, traveling around Pangandaran by renting a motorbike or mini trail , surfing , sunbathing in the sun or enjoying the surrounding views while waiting. watching the sunset.

The east coast is famous for its sunrise and complete culinary scene. Tourists can also enjoy a variety of seafood dishes with a varied menu provided to order and at affordable prices. Apart from that, the fishing community’s routine of fishing using ered nets is also a special attraction in terms of local wisdom.

Tourists can also buy fish directly from fishermen with fresh quality. Activities that can be done on the East Coast include: watersport , fishing, traveling around the beach using a motorbike, tandem bicycle and also a mini trail, or just sitting around to enjoy the panoramic atmosphere of the East Coast. For tourists who want to bring home typical Pangandaran souvenirs and souvenirs for their families at home, at this location there is also a shopping center that sells various handicraft knick-knacks, beach clothes and typical Pangandaran food souvenirs such as jambal roti and salted fish.

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