Perfect Vacation in Bora-bora Island, Polynesia

Perfect Vacation in Bora-bora Island, Polynesia – Jakarta – Want to go island hopping, but don’t have a destination yet, maybe Bora-bora Island in Polynesia could be an option. Its white sand and beautiful rolling waves are even more complete with a myriad of complete holiday facilities. Bora-bora is a small island located in the southern Pacific Ocean. Although administratively Bora-bora Island is controlled by France, don’t imagine that this island is close to the Eiffel Tower country. Polynesia is a former French colony and has islands scattered across the Pacific Ocean.

One of the most charming is Bora-bora Island in the Tahiti Islands. Although far from France, Bora-bora Island is quite easy to reach. There is already an airport there that can take tourists to this paradise on earth. Upon arrival, tourists will be presented with a beautiful bright blue lagoon. Uniquely, you can stay at a hotel located above the sea. The accommodation was deliberately made specifically to pamper visitors to the island. When viewed from the air, the row of accommodations looks like very beautiful tree roots. The accommodation is designed to resemble the local houses of the Polynesian people. The roof is made of palm leaves that display coolness and comfort. At the bottom of the room, there is a deck to get on the boat. From there you can explore the island by boat.

For those of you who like diving, don’t miss enjoying the underwater scenery of Bora-bora Island. Small fish will greet you with their cute dances. They always wriggle between the very well-maintained coral rocks. The sea water is also very clear, so that from the surface you can see the underwater world of Bora-bora Island. The most favorite activity of island visitors is sunbathing in front of the inn while enjoying the beautiful sunset. This is the most perfect moment on Bora-bora Island to enjoy a cup of warm tea with your partner or family.

If you are lucky, you can enjoy the Polynesian Show, which is a local dance performance accompanied by local traditional music. The event is usually held once a week. The strains of local music and dance will make your trip this time even more memorable. Add to your exciting experience on Bora-bora Island by exploring to the top of Mount Otemanu and Mount Pahia.

Both mountains are in the middle of Bora-bora Island. The mountain was once a former volcano that currently has a very beautiful view. From the top of the mountain, Bora-bora Island looks even more perfect. Well, if you want an exclusive and fun vacation, Bora-bora Island might be an option.

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