Ora Beach Maluku: Hidden beauty in Eastern Indonesia

Ora Beach Maluku: Hidden beauty in Eastern Indonesia – What is the route to Ora Beach? Accessibility to reach Ora Beach can be said to be quite difficult. This is because the location of Ora Beach is far from the city center. To get to Ora Beach, there are 2 alternative routes that can be used, namely the sea route and the air route. If you go by sea, you can start by traveling to Pattimura Airport, Ambon. Continue with the journey to the port of Tuhelu using the general public.

When you arrive at Tulehu Harbor, you have to take a ferry to Amahai Harbor for around two hours by fast boat for IDR 150,000.00 for VIP and IDR 92,000.00 for economy. From Amahai port, we will continue to Sawai village using public transportation, then go to Ora Beach using a boat for ten to fifteen minutes. The air route can be reached using pioneer aircraft services to Wahai Airport, then the journey continues by using a fast boat to cross to Amahai port, Seram Island, then continue with a sea journey with a travel time of around 2 hours. Even though you have to go through a long journey, it will be worth it with the natural views along the way.

An attraction that attracts the attention of tourists
The beauty of the natural panorama is not the only attraction that Ora Beach has. The clear blue sea water holds many surprises in it. The rich marine life of Ora Beach is a world paradise for divers. Divers only need to dive two to three meters deep and will encounter various unique and beautiful marine life. Not only diving, tourists can also visit Manusela National Park because it is close to Ora Beach.
Manusela National Park has seventeen bird species, fourteen of which are endemic. The beauty of the natural panorama formed by Ora Beach is supported by Sawai cliffs, tropical forests and a series of mountains which constitute the Manusela National Park area. Another attraction of Ora Beach is the traditional culture of the local residents. This is because Ora Beach is located between two villages which allows for cultural mixing in the Ora beach area.
Ora Beach itself is equipped with accommodation facilities, namely resorts located above the beach water with house architecture above the water so that tourists can enjoy sea views every day. However, unfortunately other facilities such as the Tourism Information Center (TIC) and other facilities are not adequate. The existing tourism potential is still managed independently by the community so there are still shortcomings in management. However, Ora Beach has been included in the natural tourism packages which are now managed by various travel agents. This proves that the community is also carrying out promotions to support its maritime tourism.
The exoticism of Ora Beach, which has not been explored much, has great potential to be developed as a leading tourist destination in Indonesia, especially in the eastern part of Indonesia. This is an opportunity for Indonesia to show itself in the eyes of the world through tourist destinations on the outermost side of Indonesia. Therefore, full support from the government is needed to develop the potential of Ora Beach.

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