Lombok Pink Beach: Attractions, Location, Costs and Routes

Lombok Pink Beach: Attractions, Location, Costs and Routes – If you want to enjoy a beach with a different view, Pink Lombok Beach could be one of the choices. Lombok Pink Beach is located in Temeak Hamlet, Serewe Village, Jerowaru District, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province.

Pink Beach Lombok or Pink Beach Lombok is also called Tangsi Beach The uniqueness of this beach is the pink sand. Lombok’s Pink Beach also doesn’t have big waves so it’s a suitable place to find calm. Pink Beach Lombok is the main destination when tourists visit Lombok.

Attraction of Lombok’s Pink Beach

Pink Beach Lombok is one of the beaches in Indonesia that has pink sand. The pink color of beach sand is formed from white grains mixed with fine flakes of dead red coral. The sunlight and exposure to sea water add clarity to the pink color on the beach.

Pink Lombok Beach has not big waves, so this beach is quite comfortable for finding peace. Especially with clouds rolling in the sky when the weather is clear.

The expanse of hills around the beach further adds to the perfection of the view around the beach. There is a hill and a large grassland to the left of the beach, if tourists climb the hill there will be a wide view of Lombok’s Pink Beach.

Meanwhile on the right there is a gazebo which can be used to relax. Lombok Pink Beach is located in an area that is quite difficult to reach. This actually ensures that the beach can maintain its beauty.

In this area, there are still few food and drink sellers and there is no accommodation. Tourists who will vacation at this beach are advised to bring their own food.

After vacationing at the beach, they can also go straight back to the city without staying overnight.

History of Lombok’s Pink Beach

Previously, Lombok’s Pink Beach was called Tangsi Beach. Not many tourists know about this quite remote location. Access to Lombok’s Pink Beach requires walking through tropical forests and damaged roads. Initially, Pink Lombok Beach was only visited by young people in Lombok in 2012-2013.

Gradually, information about this pink beach sand reached travelers and young people in Mataram.

They also visited the beach while capturing the beauty of the beach. Until, the beauty of the pink beach spread through social media until it went viral. Finally, tourism actors in Lombok developed this tourism potential by promoting a new name, namely Pink Beach Lombok.

They also made an alternative to get to Pink Beach Lombok by sea using a boat using the existing pier in Tanjung Luar, East Lombok. Until now, Tangsi Beach is known as Pink Beach Lombok or Pink Lombok Beach.

Lombok Pink Beach Activities

There are several activities that tourists can do at Pink Beach Lombok, namely:

1. Snorkeling

Lombok’s Pink Beach has clear water, so tourists can see colorful corals and fish. Snorkeling is a favorite activity for tourists on this beach. For this activity, tourists are asked to bring their own snorkeling equipment because there are no snorkeling rental places there.

2. Play with sand

Playing in the sand is very enjoyable in this area, especially because the beach has white sand mixed with fine dead coral.

3. Swimming

One of the activities that tourists like at Pink Lombok Beach is swimming, especially the beach water is clear with not big waves. Swimming on a wide beach exposed to wind and sunlight has its own sensation compared to swimming in a swimming pool.

4. Hooping Island

For tourists who are reluctant to snorkel, swim or water activities, Hoping Island is an option to enjoy a holiday.

You just sit on the boat and visit several beautiful spots around Lombok’s Pink Beach.

5. Photo Hunting

Pink Beach Lombok has beautiful beach views. Tourists can hunt for photos in this place, including photos with their beloved partner.

6. Grill Fish

Lombok’s Pink Beach has many marine cultivation sites around the beach. Some of the marine resources found in this area are lobsters, groupers, and so on. The boatmen will provide a place to grill fish which will make your holiday even more enjoyable.

Route to Pink Beach Lombok

There are several accesses to Pink Beach Lombok, namely by land and sea

Land Route

The estimated journey from Mataram City to Pink Beach Lombok by land will take around 2 hours with a distance of around 85 kilometers. Tourists can rent a motorbike or car to reach their destination.

Motorbike rental prices range from IDR 75 thousand to IDR 85 thousand per day. Meanwhile, car rental prices are around IDR 400 thousand to IDR 1 million.

The travel route from Mataram City to Pink Beach is not too complicated, tourists just need to direct their vehicle east towards Praya. There are three alternative roads that can be used, namely Jalan Raya Sengkerang, Jalan Raya Mataram-Labuhan Lombok (Jalan Raya Mataram-Sikur),

and Jalan Raya Lombok International Airport. Arriving in Praya, tourists can continue their journey along Jalan Raya Keruak towards Pink Lombok Beach. The road is not very smooth but is quite good.

From Jalan Raya Keruak, the next journey is along Jalan TGH Moh Mutawalli. About 4-5 kilometers before reaching their destination, tourists will encounter an unpaved road with potholes.

Until the beach gate, tourists are asked to pay a ticket for IDR 5,000. Sea Traveling to Pink Island Lombok via sea access can be via Tanjung Luar Port.

Also read: Klayar Beach in Pacitan, Beauty, Ticket Prices and Routes Travel time from Mataram City to Tanjung Luar Port is around 1.5 hours with a distance of around 66 km.

This journey can be traveled by two-wheeled vehicle or car. There are several ships that can be chosen, namely private boats and public boats.

Private boats can be rented for round trip (PP) with a rental price of around IDR 900,000 for one boat PP. Meanwhile, public boats only serve one-way trips with ticket prices of around IDR 30,000 to IDR 40,000 per person.

You can choose transportation according to your needs. Don’t forget to bargain before making payment, who knows, you might get a discount.





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