Jambu Beach Hidden Natural Beach in Anyer Banten – Anyer has long been known for its beautiful beaches, but of the many beautiful beaches that are easy to visit in Anyer, there are still several hidden beaches that are more beautiful and naturally beautiful and rarely touched. One of them is Jambu Beach . Although most of the beaches in the Anyer area are very strategic and easy to reach for tourists, especially those from Banten, Jakarta and surrounding areas, this is not the case with this beach. The position of this beach is slightly inland, resembling a basin, so if you are not careful in looking for it, it will be quite difficult to find.

Local people usually call it Jambu Beach , this beach is located about 15 minutes after Karang Bolong Beach. The location of Jambu Beach is located in Bulakan Village, Serang – Banten . Unlike other beaches in Anyer, you don’t need an entrance ticket to enjoy the beauty of Jambu Beach . Because Jambu Beach has not been managed well by the local government. And because it is still rarely visited by visitors, this beach is still very beautiful and maintains its beauty.

Talking about its advantages, Jambu Beach is positioned jutting out onto land. This means that there are many shallow areas around this beach that are safe and you don’t need to worry about being swept away by the current. Apart from that, this beach also has calm waves because it is close to the Sunda Strait, making it suitable as a water tourism destination with children and families. Especially considering that its location is rarely touched, the cleanliness and naturalness of this beach is still very well maintained with a stretch of white and soft sand that provides comfort. In addition, the panorama and atmosphere offered by Jambu Beach are also more attractive, calming and beautiful compared to other beaches in Anyer.

Just imagine, the sea water on the beach is so clear with a bluish green feel, the beach sand is also much whiter and softer than many other beaches in Anyer. Not to mention the cool breeze and bamboo huts that are abundantly provided in the area, make anyone who visits it feel calm and free from fatigue. Even during the holiday season, there are not as many tourists visiting as other beaches, making it suitable as a pure tourist spot to enjoy the beautiful scenery and atmosphere of the beach.

Even though the beach is not as long as other paid beaches, this is not a problem because the beach area is quite wide. For available water games, Jambu Beach only offers surfboard rentals for surfing. It is also more suitable for beginners to play with a standard board. Because when using a long board, the wind and small waves do not support this sport attraction at all. So, beach entertainment such as swimming, sunbathing, and non-commercial beach games such as beach volleyball, beach ball or just playing in the sand, are of course more appropriate to color your tour at Jambu Beach .

At Jambu Beach there are also rows of huts made of bamboo along the edge of the beach. You can relax while enjoying the beauty of Anyer beach here. And in the corner of the beach there are also two swings and a small goal, all made of wood. You and your family can play happily at Jambu Beach . It’s best to prepare food supplies before traveling to this beach because the food vendors are still quiet, especially those who will be traveling with their families.

Finding the location of this beach is actually not difficult. From the capital, the distance is only around 2 to 2.5 hours using a private vehicle. From Anyer, the benchmark is about 15 minutes from Karang Bolong beach towards Carita, and close to Carita beach. Once you pass Karang Bolong, you should start looking more carefully at the beaches on the right because Jambu Beach does not have a sign and has not been widely publicized by the local government. Its characteristics are a beach with guava trees, a beach that seems to jut out slightly into the land with two wooden swings that are clearly visible from the road.

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