Bandulu Anyer Beach, one of the main tourist attractions in Serang Banten Regency with beautiful sunsets

Bandulu Anyer Beach, one of the main tourist attractions in Serang Banten Regency with beautiful sunsets – Serang Regency does have many tourist attractions like other areas in Banten, one of which is Bandulu Anyer Beach. Serang Regency has a strategic geographical advantage, being right at the tip of the island of Java, and has quite a lot of beaches, including Bandulu Anyer Beach. Bandulu Beach is on the Anyer beach tourist route, this place is easy to reach from Cilegon City and surrounding cities. With a variety of different panoramas from one beach to another.

Quoted by Banten News from Eru Wahyudi’s YouTube channel, Bandulu Anyer Beach, Serang Regency, has white sand and a very sloping beach. The location of Bandulu Beach is located in Bandulu Village, Anyer District, Serang Regency, Banten Province. To reach the location using a private vehicle is very easy from the Jakarta Merak toll road exiting West Cilegon, it takes around 30 minutes to arrive. If you’re coming from Serang or Tangerang, it’s very easy to get to because it’s easy to get to by public or private transportation. And this place is very familiar to all domestic and foreign tourists.

Bandulu Beach is a favorite tourist attraction in Anyer because it is easy to reach and not far from the center of Cilegon City and Serang compared to other beaches in Anyer. Bandulu Beach is a public beach, but you still have to buy an entrance ticket because it is one of the PADs of Serang Regency.

Visitors will be pampered with various water sports such as banana boats, donut boats and jet skis which can be rented on site because they have become a beach tourist attraction. Another beauty presented on this beach is that visitors can watch fishermen’s activities directly and see boats neatly arranged on a special dock for moored fishing boats. Bandulu Beach has a very sloping beach with not big waves and soft white sand. So visitors can play in peace.

Entrance tickets to Bandulu Beach are among the cheapest, motorbikes are IDR 20,000 and cars are only IDR 40,000, including parking and only the vehicle is counted.

With tickets that are quite cheap, but have very complete facilities, so tourists who have visited Anyer will definitely go to Bandulu Beach. The facilities available include a very large parking area, toilets, wash rooms, as well as gazebos lined up along the beach, which are very comfortable for enjoying the fresh air of the sea breeze. Indeed, the name Bandulu Beach is not wrong, namely Sunset of Java, indeed, if in the afternoon the sun seems to sink into the sea, you will see a very beautiful and colorful sunset.

Bandulu Beach is a real paradise with a natural panoramic view of the sea that hypnotizes visitors, making those who travel here not want to leave quickly. For those who bring their sons and daughters to play on this beach, it is best to bring play equipment or toys from home because the types of toys here are quite expensive, especially if there are lots of visitors, prices will definitely change.

If visitors don’t bring supplies, don’t worry, because the stalls around the beach also sell various foods and drinks and children’s snacks. If visitors want to stay not far from Bandulu beach, there are also many family accommodations of various types, including hotels, villas and inns which are quite affordable. For those who like taking photos and selfies, Bandulu Anyer Beach, Serang Regency, is very beautiful and there are many spots available, especially natural spots and tempting sunsets.*

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