Travel tips and recommendations if visiting Vietnam

Travel tips and recommendations if visiting Vietnam Ho Chi Minh (casperbetcasinoadresi) – Before visiting a country, including Vietnam, tourists should plan their trip as well as possible so that tourism at their destination is enjoyable.

A tour guide for Indonesian tourists named Chau Quang Huong Duong or who is familiarly called Joko, when met in Da Nang, Vietnam, last weekend, said that it is best to prepare suitable clothing because the weather in Vietnam, especially South Vietnam, is mostly hot.

“The weather in South Vietnam is hot and rainy. You have to look at the weather, prepare an umbrella and sunscreen , if it rains, prepare an umbrella and raincoat,” said Joko.

If you want a trip that has a lot of information regarding history and tourist recommendations as well as places to eat, Joko said it would be a good idea to hire a tour guide who is licensed by the local government.

Indonesian tourists don’t need to worry because many tourist guides from Vietnam can speak Indonesian fluently.

“There are a lot of Indonesian language tour guides so they can help with stories, suggest delicious food and tell stories about the place. If there is a tour guide, you can communicate with the driver,” said Joko.

Joko gave several recommendations for tourist attractions that are worth visiting based on region, namely North Vietnam, you can visit Hanoi, Ha Long Bai, and Sapa. okewla Meanwhile, in Central Vietnam tourists can visit Da Nang, Hue and Hoi An, and in South Vietnam there is Ho Chi Minh, Mui Ne where the red sand desert is, the Mekong River and Vung Tau where the tallest statue of Jesus is.

For culinary lovers, famous foods to try are pho (noodles), banh mi (stuffed bread) and banh xeo (pancakes).

Banh mi is a French-influenced food that was brought to Vietnam, with modifications adding chicken and vegetable filling. Likewise with pho , which they modified from a French dish with sauce and bread to use rice flour noodles.

okewla For shopping recommendations, tourists can try shopping at Benh Tan market in Ho Chi Minh City. According to Joko, Indonesians often buy some typical Vietnamese souvenirs such as pia durian, lotus nuts, cashew nuts, mangoes, magnetic souvenirs and Vietnamese clothes.

Just like in Indonesia, tourists can bargain for prices of goods at the market.

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