The Enchanting Beauty of Iboih Beach, Aceh (Sabang)

The Enchanting Beauty of Iboih Beach, Aceh (Sabang) – ih Beach is one of Aceh’s mainstay destinations. This marine tourism offers a lot of excitement during your vacation. The beach is so beautiful and exotic. Even though it is located at the western tip of Indonesia, the popularity of this beach is no less than that of other destinations.

It does take some effort to get to this tourist area. However, the fatigue during the trip seems to be released when you see the beautiful view from the white sandy beach. Other natural panoramas are also very stunning, namely the underwater views.

You can see beautiful panoramas of coral rocks, various marine life and various other unique things in the waters. It’s not surprising that apart from being famous for its beaches, many snorkeling and diving lovers also dream of coming to this beach.

Other facilities such as accommodation, supporting facilities and transportation are also starting to develop. The following is a further review of the Iboih Beach tourist destination in Aceh.

Wide white sand beach

Iboih Beach has a very wide stretch of white sand. The white sand is so clean that it makes the sea water look clear.

This natural panorama is so charming that many call this beautiful beach a hidden paradise. The beautiful scenery is even more stunning with the presence of a number of complete supporting facilities.

Heaven under the sea

Iboih Beach is not only beautiful on its land. Under the sea it has stunning views. For fans of snorkeling and diving, you will be pampered with beautiful panoramas of coral rocks and various colorful marine life.

Not only is it famous among local tourists, its underwater beauty also attracts the attention of many foreign tourists.

Location and route

The location of this white sandy beach is in Sukakarya District, Sabang, Aceh. From Sabang city center via Jalan Cut Nyak Dien, you can travel 22 km.

You can go to Ulee Lheue Harbor in Banda Aceh. Then cross to Balohan Harbor in Sabang city using a fast ferry. If you use the ferry, the ticket price is 20 thousand rupiah and takes 2 hours.

Meanwhile, with a 45 minute speedboat ride, the ticket price is 50 thousand rupiah.

Facilities and entrance tickets

Around the tourist area, you can find snorkeling and diving rental places. So there’s no need to bother bringing diving equipment from home. Restaurants, accommodation, toilets and prayer facilities are also available.

There is no special price for entry tickets. However, if you want to rent snorkeling equipment, you only need to pay 40 thousand rupiah. Meanwhile, renting diving equipment costs 400 thousand rupiah. You can come at any time without time limits.

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