The charm of Pandawa Beach Bali, white sand and the beauty of the heavenly sea

The charm of Pandawa Beach Bali, white sand and the beauty of the heavenly sea – Pandawa Beach is famous for its beautiful sea nuances and is one of the most famous tourist destinations on the island of Bali. Bali is indeed famous for the charm of the sea and the beauty of luxurious beaches, it is not surprising that many foreign tourists return home to Bali.

The characteristic of this tourist attraction in Bali is the presence of a puppet statue of the Pandawa family on a limestone cliff, welcoming you before arriving at the edge of Pandawa beach.

Access to the entrance is adequate and a large parking area is provided, which can accommodate cars and even tourist buses. Now Pandawa Beach is the most popular and attractive tourist attraction in the southern Bali region.

Pandawa Beach offers a stretch of clean white sand, the waves are also calm and the water is clear, making it possible for tourists to swim, sunbathe or relax under a beach umbrella while watching the beautiful natural views of the sea and feeling the fresh air of the beach which is far from pollution.

The hill cliffs that surround this beach also add to its charm. This white sand beach tourist attraction on the island of Bali is not only popular and ideal for adults but is also suitable for your children during family holidays.

Pandawa Beach does have a number of complete facilities, apart from ample parking, there are stalls selling food and drinks, restaurants, toilets, cell phone charger rental, a shelter building, canoe rental providers and also a spa for relaxing massages. Touring the Island of the Gods, Bali, especially in the South Bali region, is a recommended tourist destination.

From Ngurah Rai airport to get to the Pandawa white sand beach tourist attraction, it takes around 45 minutes to drive. Take the direction to Uluwatu, about 1 km after the GWK tourist attraction, at an intersection, then you turn left, look for the road leading to Kutuh village, in this village there are road signs that direct you to the Pandawa beach tourist attraction.

The name of this beach is taken from the name of the Mahabharata Knights, namely the Pandavas, consisting of Yudistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sadewa.

Around Pandawa Beach, there are several places to stay that offer maximum relaxation. One of them is Villa Karang Putih, which is on Jalan Karang Putih, Kutuh Village. The manager of the place explained that guests who stay at his place deliberately look for a location close to Pandawa Beach, which can be reached in 10 minutes.

If you visit Pandawa Beach, you don’t need to worry if you don’t bring food and feel hungry, because there are many food stalls available here that serve food and drinks, such as fried rice, fried noodles and various kinds of seafood preparations, there are even food stalls that serve typical tourist food. foreign. If you want to sunbathe, the food stalls here provide sun loungers and umbrellas that you can rent. Apart from that, this beach provides a reflexology massage service called Pandawa SPA.

5 Pandawa Beach Tourist Attractions:

1. Photo with the statue of the 5 Pandava Knights

You can take photos or selfies with the statues of Pandava Knights such as Arjuna, Bima, Yudistira, Nakula and Sadewa in the background.

The five statues of the Pandava Knights are believed to be “guardians” of the beach who will protect the surrounding area from disaster. The statue was beautifully carved by native Balinese sculptors.

Still in the same location, there is also a statue of Goddess Kunti who is the mother of the five Pandava Knights. All the statues were built 5 meters high and lined up facing the beach.

2. Beachside SPA relaxation

While relaxing and enjoying the beautiful beach views, you can pamper your body by trying out the services of traditional massage therapists which are offered by many local residents.

The rates vary, depending on the type of service chosen. Usually starting from IDR 40 thousand to IDR 130 thousand, you can feel the pleasure of having a massage to relax your body.

3. Swimming at the Beach

Not only relaxing on the beach and enjoying the beauty of the charm, you can try surfing or swimming in the middle of the sea to enjoy the sensation and charm of Pandawa Beach. Usually foreign tourists always enjoy and take the time to surf, play in the water and enjoy the boots on Pandawa Beach.

Being the coolest beach that is often used as an FTV shooting, Pandawa Beach has succeeded in becoming a tourist icon on the island of Bali whose name is immediately famous and phenomenal in attracting many domestic and foreign tourists. And the blue sea water makes every visitor feel pampered by the charm of the heavenly beauty of Pandawa Beach.

4. Sunbathe

Not only foreigners or foreign tourists, you can also pamper and relax your body to enjoy the hot sun around Pandawa beach. When we go on a trip to the beach. However, make no mistake when we are going to sunbathe, it is best to use sunblock and sunscreen to protect our skin which is exposed directly to very hot sunlight.

Sunlight that penetrates our bodies can make our bones stronger and make our bodies warmer, of course. Don’t worry for those who are afraid of black, around Pandawa beach they also sell various types of Balinese oil and sunscreen which you can buy and use when sunbathing.

5. Play Paragliding

If the beauty of the beach is not combined with the activity of enjoying paragliding from above, there are some that are affordable but impressive. In Pandawa, Timbis Hill is used and managed for parachuting or paragliding activities so you can see the beauty of the beach from above.

No need to worry, for those of you who want to try paragliding on Pandawa beach, you only need to spend starting from IDR 400,000.

You can “fly” and enjoy the beauty of the beach from a height with the character of the cliffs and the right breeze. You can enjoy this exciting tourist activity by using the paragliding equipment rental services that are widely available here.

Local people are more familiar with calling it Kutuh Beach. So, with its high beauty, you must stop by to play at this beach if you visit Bali. For suggestions and if you want to enjoy the charm of the heavenly beauty of Pandawa Beach, you can immediately look for affordable travel recommendations according to your holiday budget, and don’t forget to take selfies at each of the most interesting and iconic soto spots. Share your unique and happy impressions on social media and don’t forget to activate the location.

Because not only is it a unique impression, it turns out that this beach has a beauty that is second to none. The expanse of ocean and white sand beaches look extraordinary.

Of course, there are many interesting photo spots that you can use here. Apart from being exotic, this beach is also famous for being romantic

Can’t wait to enjoy the holidays with your loved ones? The solution is to just go to Pandawa beach. You will feel a romantic atmosphere like in FTV and soap operas which often take place in Bali.

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