The charm of Balangan Beach

The charm of Balangan Beach – The charm of Balangan Beach is no joke! Do you like traveling to various tourist attractions in Indonesia, but have never been and explored the beauty of Balangan Beach? You must try it.

For friends who like to vacation and travel, it is a must to come to Balangan Beach. Balangan Beach is one of the most popular white sand beaches on the island of Bali.

With the very charming charm of Balangan Beach, it is not surprising that many visitors really like this place.

The Charm of Balangan Beach, Bali

What actually makes many tourists fall in love with Balangan Beach?

1. White Sand Beach

Of course because of the beauty of the beach ?️ this white sand is still very natural. Balangan Beach is one of the favorite locations for world-class surfers.

This is supported by waves that are proportional to surfing sports. This beach is indeed very suitable for surfers who like the challenge of surfing with high, big and long waves.

2. The Beauty of Sunset

Not only the waves are very famous, the charm of Balangan Beach that is glanced at by tourists is the view of the sunset. On the edge of the beach , tourists can also enjoy the view of airplane activity at Ngurah Rai Bali airport.

In addition to seeing the airport view, visitors can also see the beauty of Pantai Indah Dreamland . That’s right, the location of Balangan Beach is very close to Dreamland Beach. However, to get to Dreamland Beach, it takes about 35 minutes from Balangan Beach.

3. Enjoying Nature from the Top of the Cliff

No less interesting, Balangan Beach also has a very popular high cliff spot. The location of the cliff is also very close to the shoreline. If visitors want to go to the High Cliff Area, they can go to the right from the parking lot.

From the top of the cliff, visitors can enjoy the view of Balangan Beach from a different angle. You can see a long white line that stretches along the edge of Balangan Beach.

Location of Balangan Beach

The charm of Balangan Beach with its beautiful white sand is located on Jalan Pantai Balangan, Ungasan Village, Jimbaran Subdistrict, South Kuta District, Bali.

Even though the location of this beach is quite far from the center of the city of Denpasar and the hustle and bustle of traffic jams in the city, many visitors come and go to this tourist spot.

Usually tourists who want to relax and find peace while on holiday, prefer to come to Balangan Beach which has a more peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Transportation Options

To visit the white sand beach of Balangan, visitors only need about 55 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Access to the beach is also very easy, tourists can use two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles.

If you want to use public transportation in the Balangan Beach area, visitors can enjoy public transportation services such as metered taxis, online motorcycle taxis, or online taxis.

Then, what if visitors want to use private vehicles to go on vacation to the beach?

It’s easy. In Bali you can find various vehicle rental services, whether in the form of bicycles, motorbikes, or cars. For rentals, tourists can easily access them online.

How Much is the Entrance Ticket to Balangan Beach?

If you have never been to Balangan Beach, you must be curious about “How much is the entrance ticket to Balangan Beach?”

Well, to be able to enjoy the charm of Balangan Beach, visitors can come anytime for free. However, visitors will be charged a parking fee.

The parking rate for two-wheeled vehicles is IDR 5,000 per motorbike, while the rate for cars or four-wheeled vehicles is IDR 10,000.

Rather than being curious and just imagining, let’s plan your vacation to the very charming and attractive Balangan Beach Bali. Guaranteed for those of you who like traveling and challenges, coming to this beach will definitely make your vacation even more exciting and fun.

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