The Charm and Natural Attraction of Padang Padang Beach, Bali

The Charm and Natural Attraction of Padang Padang Beach, Bali – The Island of the Gods has always been synonymous with its beautiful beaches. Bali has many marine attractions that can be used as tourist attractions, one of which is Padang Padang Beach.

This beach is suitable as a tourist destination to spend vacation time with those closest to you. You will find a pleasant experience when visiting this beach which is also known as Labuan Sait Beach.

Attraction of Padang Padang Beach

Padang Padang Beach offers natural beauty that cannot be doubted. This beach has its own charm that will make you always want to come back to this beach. Reporting from detiktravel, the following are the attractions of Padang Padang Beach:

1. Super Large Coral Rock

The characteristic of Padang Padang Beach is the large coral rocks on this beach. When you visit it, perhaps the first object you see is this large rock.

The presence of the stone is not disturbing, it actually beautifies the beach view. The presence of this stone also makes Padang Padang Beach feel exotic.

2. White Sand

Padang Padang Beach is famous for its clean white, soft and very fine sand. You can spend time playing with sand, building sand castles, and piling sand on top of your body.

3. Once used as a filming location

Padang Padang Beach was once used as a filming location for the Hollywood film “Eat Pray Love” which was broadcast in 2010. Since then, it has become a special attraction for visitors to come to this beach.

4. Waves that are suitable for surfing

Padang Padang Beach is well known among foreign tourists who have a hobby of surfing. If you approach the middle of the sea, you will find quite large waves with strong underwater currents, making it a challenge for surfers to conquer the waves on this beach.

5. Exotic Sunset

You will also see an exotic sunset view. The sunset view coupled with the large coral rocks makes it even more interesting.

Location and How to Get to Padang Padang Beach

Padang Padang Beach is located on Jalan Labuan Sait, Pecatu Village, South Kuta District. To get here, you don’t need to worry about difficulties because the road access is easy for various vehicles to pass through.

The distance is around 15 km and takes around 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport. From the airport, you can take Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai to the South, then turn right at the intersection of Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai and Bali Mandara Toll Road. You can follow the directions to the Pecatu or GWK area.

After that, continue moving south until you reach the intersection of Jalan Uluwatu and Jalan Udayana University Campus. Both routes will take you towards Pecatu, usually most people will choose to take Jalan Uluwatu because it is faster.

After arriving at GWK, continue driving for about 1.5 km until you arrive at an intersection and choose the road according to the road signs that lead to Pecatu. After that, you will pass the Pecatu Indah Resort area and Dreamland Beach.

About 400 meters from Pecatu Indah Resort, you will come to a junction, keep following Jalan Raya Uluwatu for 2 km. Right at the Pecatu Village Office, you will meet another intersection. From there, take the right turn onto Jalan Labuan Sait to get to Padang Padang Beach.

Arriving at the location, you still have to make a short trip to the beach which is hidden behind giant rocks. To reach the beach, you need to go through coral crevices that form small caves. After going through this journey, you will be greeted with a beautiful view of Padang Padang Beach.

Interesting Activities at Padang Padang Beach

You can do various interesting activities to spend time with the people closest to you. Reporting from a travel agent blog, the following are some interesting activity ideas at Padang Padang Beach.

1. Surfing

The first choice of course is surfing. Padang Padang Beach is a paradise for those who enjoy water sports activities.

The waves on this beach are considered very suitable as an area for surfing activities. In fact, this beach is also quite often used as a venue for several international standard surfing events.

2. Swimming

You can use the beach side for swimming activities. The calm waves and clear water make it very suitable as a place for relaxing swimming.

3. Sunbathe

For those of you who want to experience direct exposure to sunlight, you can also do sunbathing activities here. Local and foreign tourists really enjoy doing this activity.

4. Eat and Drink

Around the beach there are many stalls selling food and drinks. Relaxing while enjoying food and drinks can be a good choice for spending time on this beach.

Public Facilities that Can Be Used

You don’t need to worry about facilities because this beach provides adequate public facilities. There is a fairly large vehicle parking area near the beach entrance. You can also enjoy surfboard facilities if you want to do this water sport.

Apart from that, there are also rental mats for sunbathing on the beach to wait for the sun to set. After you have finished your activities at the beach, you can also rinse your body in the public toilets available.

If you are hungry, you can visit several places to eat to fill your stomach. You can also rest because there are many choices of hotels and accommodation around Padang Padang Beach.

Exciting Tourism Around Padang Padang Beach

When you are satisfied with spending time at Padang Padang Beach, you can visit several other interesting places. Here are some exciting tours around Padang Padang Beach:

  • The Kecak Dance Performance is in the Uluwatu Temple Tourism Area, about 3 km from Padang Padang Beach.
  • Poema Bali, which is a shopping place in the Pecatu area.
  • Uluwatu Sunrise Point, a place to watch the beautiful sunset, is 4.1 km from Padang Padang Beach.

So, that’s the discussion about Padang Padang Beach. Its stunning beauty can certainly be an attraction for you to visit this beach.

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