Indrayanti Beach: Beach with Beautiful Coral Cliffs

Indrayanti Beach: Beach with Beautiful Coral Cliffs – Indrayanti Beach or Syawal Island Beach in Gunungkidul Regency,  DI Yogyakarta , is one of the most favorite beach tourist attractions. This beach has amazing beauty and white sand.

As far as the eye can see, a stretch of white sand stretches across the beach. The beauty of the beach is also more complete with clear blue beach water.

To get to this beach takes about two hours’ drive from Jogja City. This beach is lined up with Baron Beach, Kukup Beach, Krakal Beach and Sundak Beach. The road to this beach is quite good, but visitors also have to be careful because the road goes up and down through the hills.

This beach is classified as a new beach compared to other beaches. However, this beach immediately attracted the attention of tourists because of the beauty of the beach.

Before it was known to the public, this beach was initially not well managed. Actually, this beach’s name is not Indrayanti, but Pulang Syawal Beach.

At that time, on the beach there was a food stall called Indrayanti. As the level of tourist visits increases and at the beach location there are no signboards to identify the beach other than the signboard for the Indrayanti stall or cafe. Until finally people knew the white sandy beach as Indrayanti Beach.

Quoted from a scientific article entitled  The Natural Enchantment of Indrayanti Beach in the Special Region of Yogyakarta  written by Alif Yudistira, the mention of the name Indrayanti is actually just a coincidence. This is because there are many visitors and there is no clear signage other than the name of the cafe.

The popularity of this beach has finally surpassed other beaches that were previously known to the public, such as Baron Beach and Kukup Beach.

Apart from its natural beauty, tourists may be more comfortable on this beach because of its cleanliness. At the beach location there is a rule not to throw rubbish carelessly, if you dare to throw rubbish you will be subject to a fine of IDR 10,000. This fine was deliberately imposed to keep the beach clean.

Behind its beauty, this beach also has its dangerous side. The waves at this beach are quite high. In early September 2022, the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) estimates that the height of sea waves on the southern coast of DI Yogyakarta will reach four to six meters or the very high category.

For PKG YIA friends who visit Indrayanti Beach, you must really pay attention to the wave conditions on the beach. Don’t let your happy moments on the beach turn into a disaster.

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