Exploring the Mount Salak Tourist Destination, Among the Mystery and Amazing Natural Beauty

casperbetcasinoadresi.xyz- Mount Salak , famous for its many mysteries. Mount Salak is part of a series of volcanoes on the southern side of the capital city of Jakarta.

Administratively, Mount Salak is located in the Bogor Regency and Sukabumi Regency.

Now, all mountain areas and surrounding areas are part of the Mount Halimun Salak National Park (TNGHS).

The Mount Salak area is fully managed by Perum Perhutani. The facts say that Mount Salak, which is included in the volcano category, is quite old and has more than one peak, such as Mount Raung.

Salak Peak is the highest among the other peaks of Mount Salak. The peak of Mount Salak reaches 2,211 meters above sea level.

Salak in the naming of this mountain does not refer to the name of the fruit or snake plant, but comes from the Sanskrit word salaka, which means silver.

Salak is a type A stratovolcano. Apart from Puncak Salak, there are two other peaks on Mount Salak, namely Puncak Salak II with a height of 2,180 meters above sea level and Puncak Sumbul with a height of 1,926 meters above sea level.

At the peak of Mount Salak there are 3 craters, namely Kawah Ratu which is claimed to be the largest crater and the youngest crater.

Then there are Hirup Crater and Cikuluwung Putri Crater which are actually part of Ratu Crater.

In contrast to Mount Telomoyo, which has never erupted, Mount Salak has been recorded as having erupted several times.

Mount Salak erupted in the 1660s, 1780s, early 1900s, and most recently in 1938.

Mount Salak has a unique morphological structure but is very dangerous, especially for climbing and flying activities.

The ravines in Geunung Salak are very deep and steep. Almost the entire body of the mountain is covered in dense forest, making it difficult to access.

Behind the beauty of Mount Salak, which holds many mysterious stories, there are several amazing natural tourist destinations . Like in the Mount Halimun Salak National Park (TNHGS) area.

Apart from climbing activities, there are quite a lot of tourist spots in TNGHS. To enter these tourist spots, all visitors are required to buy an entrance ticket at a relatively cheap price.

The TNGHS entrance ticket levy is IDR 19,000 per person plus vehicle. The entry ticket for Bukit Halimun is IDR 10,000 per person, camping ground IDR 5,000 per person.

Entrance ticket to Curug Cigamea which also enters the Mount Salak tourist area is IDR 7,500 per person. There are still many tourist destinations in the Mount Salak area, which are also paid.

The TNGHS tourist area has very adequate and complete facilities such as prayer rooms and toilets which can be found easily at several points.

A large parking area is also available complete with parking attendants. Almost all tourist spots have canteen facilities that serve a variety of foods and drinks.

If you want to enter the Mount Halimun Salak National Park tourist area, you can access it via Sukabumi and Bogor.

There are at least three route options to get to the Mount Salak tourist area, namely via Bogor, Sukabumi and Lebak. This natural tourist area is open every day. (**)

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