Enjoy the beauty of the underwater world of Karimunjawa Island

Enjoy the beauty of the underwater world of Karimunjawa Island – Jepara – Karimunjawa Island, Jepara Regency, Central Java, is one of the tourist destinations for holidays. One of the attractions of Karimunjawa is the beauty of its underwater world.

For tourists who want to snorkel, they can come as a group by renting a boat. One of them is around Menjangan Kecil Island.

Tourists can enjoy the pristine underwater beauty, from fish to coral reefs.

One of the tourists, Siska, admitted that she and her group had come from Solo for a holiday in Karimunjawa. This was his first time coming to Karimunjawa.

“Good, this is the first time. The coral reefs are still good, still pristine, what attracts coral reefs and lots of fish,” said Siska, Monday (8/5/2023).

Interviewed separately, Karimunjawa Region 2 National Park Management Section (SPTN) Staff, Kristiawan said that Karimunjawa Island is a holiday destination for tourists. He noted that 90 percent of tourists come from Indonesia, while around 10 percent come from abroad.
“Karimunjawa has an extraordinary, very beautiful coral reef ecosystem, because there are several tourist spots between Cemara, Menjangan Kecil, and the waters around Menjangan Besar, and so on,” said Kris when met at his office this afternoon.

He said tourists mostly come to see coral reefs and fish from under the sea.

“Most tourists who go to Karimunjawa snorkel, we know that Karimunjawa’s waters are quite good and there are various types of fish,” he said.

Kris said that in Karimunjawa waters there are 22 islands. Among them there are four islands inhabited by local residents.

“There are around 22 islands in the buffer zone of Karimunjawa Island, of which four are inhabited, Karimunjawa, Kemujan, Parang and Mosquito Islands,” explained Kris.

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