Boracay Island, Beauty from the Philippines

Boracay Island, Beauty from the Philippines РManila РWhen traveling to the Philippines, make time to visit Boracay Island. This beautiful island will be a very pleasant vacation spot. Many travelers think that Boracay Island is the Caribbean style of the Philippines.

Countries in Southeast Asia have many rich and beautiful islands. Apart from Raja Ampat in Indonesia, Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, and Phi-phi Island in Thailand, in the Philippines there are also beautiful and tempting islands. The island is Boracay Island.

From the wikitravel site visited by detikTravel, Thursday (23/8/2012) Boracay Island is a tropical island and has stretches of white sand on every beach. There are many activities you can do on this island, from relaxing on the beach, water sports, to midnight parties.Boracay Island is 315 km south of Manila City, the capital of the Philippines. From Manila, the plane will go to Panay Island, the closest island to Barocay, and continue by boat to arrive at Barocay. Apart from that, there are many travel agent services that will offer you to travel to Barocay Island in Manila City or Panay Island. Remember, adjust it to the money in your pocket!

Upon arrival on Boracay Island, the feeling of tiredness seemed to disappear. As far as the eye can see, you can see stretches of white sand, clear blue sea water, coral reefs on the seabed, and green forests. The perfect view to make your holiday even more special. There are several interesting beaches to visit, namely White Beach and Bulabog Beach.

At White Beach, you can feel the white sand as soft as powder on its wide beach. This place is also a favorite place for travelers. However, this beach remains clean, maintained and of course tempting. Not only that, you can enjoy the beach by diving and snorkeling around the beach. At night, quite a few tourists party by watching various exciting performances on this beach.

White Beach is the center of Boracay and a gathering place for tourists. Here there are many accommodations, restaurants, cafes, tourism information centers, souvenir shops, and post offices. There are many cheap accommodations on White Beach, you can also spend the night there.

If you want to get peace, come to Bulabog Beach. Here the sand is whiter, quieter, and far from the crowds. One of the things that will make you more comfortable relaxing at Bulabog beach is the beach breeze.

You can lie down on a stretch of white sand, take shelter under a coconut tree, and be accompanied by the sea breeze, truly maximum comfort. Here you can also see tourists playing kiteboarding. A different surfing sport that uses a parachute as a guide and source of energy, then they jump and conquer the waves in an extraordinary way.

You can go on holiday and discover many beauties in the form of beaches and nature when exploring this island. Welcome to Boracay Island, the Caribbean style of the Philippines.

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