Beautiful sunset at Parangtritis Beach, Yogyakarta

It wouldn’t be complete if you traveled to Yogyakarta and didn’t stop by this beach. It’s called Parangtritis Beach, the place where the legend of Nyi Roro Kidul originates. Located in the south of Yogyakarta, this exotic beach is not too far from the city center. Supported by adequate road access, this beach location is easy to reach.

Epistemologically, the name Parangtritis comes from the words Parang which means stone and Tumaritis which means dripping water. It is said that this name appeared when there was a prince from the Majapahit kingdom named Prince Dipokusumo. When Dipokusumo wanted to meditate, he found water dripping from the coral. That’s when the name Parangtritis emerged.

Many people suggest that the right time to visit this beach is at sunset. Because at that time, the view of Parangtritis Beach looks more exotic, and the charm of the sunset at Parangtritis Beach is very beautiful. The long coastline, white sand, plus the charming waves make this beach a target for tourists, both local and foreign.

For those of you who like adventure, on this beach you can rent an ATV (All Teran Vechille) which can be used to circle the beach. However, for those of you who don’t like adventure, there is also a service for getting around using a hansom. Bendi is a type of carriage commonly used on the beach.

Once tired, visitors can also enjoy fresh young coconut ice at stalls along the beach. Parangtritis Beach also offers homestays at varying prices.

Parangtritis Beach is also famous for having many myths that make this beach considered sacred. This can be seen from the many rituals carried out by local residents every Tuesday and Friday night in Kliwon.

The Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace also routinely holds a ritual every year at Parangtritis beach, this ritual is usually called the Labuhan ritual. The ritual peaks on Suro 1 during the commemoration of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.

Another myth about Parangtritis Beach is that if you capture a picture of Parangtritis with any model of camera it will look beautiful. Therefore, Parangtritis Beach is considered a photographer’s paradise.


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