Ancol Beach, Popular and Most Complete Marine Tourism Destination in Jakarta, HTM Only IDR 25,000 – Ancol Beach is a popular tourist destination in North Jakarta , Indonesia .

This destination has become the answer for those of you who want to go on holiday and avoid the crowds in the capital.

Moreover, the recreation areas available here not only display beauty but also have the most complete facilities that visitors need.

Most of you will know the Ancol Jaya Dream Park. It is not surprising considering that this tourist location is so popular in Indonesia.

The various rides and destinations are so varied that you will never get bored quickly. With all the equipment available, it will be even more exciting if visitors invite friends or family members.

From circulating history, the Ancol Dream Jaya Park opened in 1966. This was an answer to complaints about avoiding overcrowding in the capital.

Its location, which is in North Jakarta, means that you can easily access the location from anywhere. The modes of transportation are also complete so you don’t need to worry if you don’t bring your own vehicle.

Ancol Beach is one of the most complete tourist attractions in Indonesia

There are various kinds of excitement that can be enjoyed when visiting the hit beaches in Jakarta. The choice of marine tourism is complete to enjoy.

You can enjoy excitement such as marine tourism rides including Kayak, Swan Pedal Boat, Banana Boat, and Donut Boat. Apart from that, there are still many recreational places that can be visited with their own unique qualities, such as those below.

A marine tourism destination that must also be visited is Ocean Dream Samudra. As the name suggests, this location displays various kinds of marine animals that are beautiful to look at.

In fact, there is also the largest oceanarium which stores various kinds of fish. Sea lion and dolphin attractions are often held here so visitors will be easily entertained.

Apart from the marine tourism options above, Ancol also has another water tourism destination, namely Sea World. Those of you who visit here will see various kinds of beautiful marine life that you may not have encountered before.

This tourist spot is also very good as an educational tourism destination that introduces various types of marine biota.

Not satisfied with just the destinations above, there is also Atlantis Water Adventure. At this water tourist spot, there are many swimming pool options available, such as Aquarius, Atlantis, Octopus, Poseidon and others.

In the middle of this 5 hectare land there are also lots of exciting rides that you can try. Call it Dragon Race, Rainbow Splash, Sky Box, Water Outbound and many more.

Ancol Beach applies a fairly standard entrance ticket price. You can come on holiday for only IDR 25,000 per person. This price applies both on weekends and weekdays.

There are additional fees for those of you who bring private vehicles. For motorbikes, cars and tourist buses the rates are IDR 15,000, 25,000 and 45,000 respectively.

This ticket price includes you visiting various beautiful beaches. Several public facilities can also be accessed. For visitors who want to enjoy various kinds of rides, of course there are additional costs that must be paid.

For example, in the three marine tourism destinations above, tickets start from IDR 85,000 per person and there is an increase during holidays.

Demikian pula untuk Anda yang ingin menikmati keseruan di Dufan. Dufan memiliki beberapa pilihan terkait harga tiket. Tiket pada hari biasa dibebankan dengan harga Rp 400.000. Sedangkan di akhir pekan Rp 500.000.

Harga tiket demikian mungkin terbilang mahal namun sudah mencakup banyak sekali wahana seru di dalamnya.

Bagaimana pun harga tiket dapat sewaktu-waktu berubah. Maka dari itu ada baiknya Anda untuk selalu update mengenai harga tiket masuk Ancol terbaru.

Dengan begitu pengunjung jadi lebih tahu sekaligus mengkonfirmasi lebih jauh sebelum datang mengunjungi lokasi wisata populer di Jakarta ini.


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