10 Interesting Facts about Kelingking Beach, Dangerous but Most Popular to Visit

10 Interesting Facts about Kelingking Beach, Dangerous but Most Popular to Visit – Klungkung – Kelingking Beach or Kelingking Beach is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali. Kelingking Beach is located in Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida District.

Kelingking Beach is located at the southern tip of Nusa Penida. The view of the cliff jutting into the sea with its white sand beach is very enchanting and an attraction to visit.

Average visits to Kelingking Beach range from 1,000 to 1,500 tourists per day. This number will increase threefold on weekends and long holidays.

Kelingking Beach has become known and promoted since 2016. Even though it is a popular tourist attraction, maritime accidents often occur, causing fatalities at Kelingking Beach.

Lastly, a husband and wife from India died when they were swept away by the waves at Kelingking Beach, Thursday (8/6/2023). The following are interesting facts behind the popularity of Kelingking Beach.

1. Cliff resembles the pinkie and neck of a tyrannosaurus (T-Rex)

The first interesting fact is the shape of the Kelingking Beach cliff which juts out into the middle of the open sea and is shaped like a little finger. On the west side, there is a beach that is not very wide with reddish white sand (pink when washed by the waves).

There are also those who say it is shaped like the neck of an ancient animal, Tyranosaurus (T-Rex). Because when viewed from above, the Paluang cliff looks like an ancient animal.

2. The terrain to the beach is difficult and dangerous

Kelingking Beach can be enjoyed from the top of the cliff and also towards the beach. However, getting to the beach is very difficult to reach from above.
Because the slope of the cliff is very steep, namely 70-80 degrees. Apart from that, there are no good roads and minimal handrails. The distance from the cliff to the beach is 300 meters.

Perbekel (Village Head) Bungamekar I Wayan Yasa said there are two routes to the beach, namely from above and from the sea route. “For sea routes, we usually use a special boat, and most of the guests are traveling around the sea area to enjoy Nusa Penida,” said Wayan Yasa when contacted by detikBali , Saturday (10/6/2023).

3. Swim to watch Manta Rays and Mola-Mola

I Wayan Yasa explained that tourists who like diving will get more nuance in the Kelingking Beach area. Because the Kelingking Beach area is also home to many manta rays and sunfish.

“Sunfish usually come when the weather starts to get cold, between July and September. But if you’re lucky, they often appear on normal days. That’s also one of the interesting data here,” he said.

Moreover, visibility is very clear because of the clear water at Kelingking Beach. So not only diving, snorkeling you can also see manta rays in this area.

4. No entrance ticket required, just pay for parking

Apart from being a nice and instagrammable place, what tourists are most looking for are tourist attractions that don’t have an entrance fee or are free. Wayan Yasa said that tourists who enter Kelingking Beach are not charged an entrance fee.

Because the beach area in Karang Dawa Hamlet is land owned by residents. So you only have to pay a parking fee of IDR 2 thousand for motorbikes and IDR 5 thousand for cars.

“For the car, of course the tour guide or guide who delivers it has been paid,” he said.

In this area there are also food stalls and restaurants. Apart from that, Kelingking Beach is also equipped with public toilets.

5. Most Recommended by Tour Guides

Kelingking Beach is most recommended for tour guides. The reason is, even though the distance is far, it is located in the middle of Nusa Penida.

“So if there is a trip to Nusa Penida in the eastern region, the return direction will be to Kelingking first and then look for a place to eat. So when you take guests there will definitely be a route to Kelingking. So this object is the most crowded,” said one of the Nusa Penida tour guides, I Wayan Guna Sesana, Saturday .

According to him, the road to this object is good and comfortable for tourists, whether using cars or motorbikes. “The photo spots and the descent must be repaired, they are very dangerous. Maybe the local government can do it immediately,” he added.

6. Known since 2016

Kelingking Beach only became known in 2016. The initial popularity of Kelingking Beach came from posts on social media.

“Previously it was called Karangdawa, because the location was in Karangdawa Hamlet. Then social media appeared, posts were busy and tourists started coming. Even at that time, this location was bushy with juwet trees around the cliffs,” said Wayan Yasa.

After the Nusa Penida Festival, Kelingking Beach became increasingly famous and the government helped improve road infrastructure. “The community is also affected, the economy is increasing and customary funds from parking are also increasing,” he said.

7. Most often wears the title in the world

Another interesting fact, Kelingking Beach is that this beach is often called the best in the world. Most recently, it was included in the list of the best beaches in the world 2023 or Best Beaches in the World 2023.

Kelingking Beach is ranked 16th out of the 25 best beaches in the world 2023. This list is part of the Travelers’ Choice Awards 2023 from the travel site TripAdvisor.

In 2021, Kelingking Beach was also listed as the most Instagrammable beach with 26 million Instagram hashtags with the keyword Most Popular Beach in the World.

8. How to get to Kelingking Beach

Kelingking Beach is very easy to find. Visitors using land routes can use online maps or follow directions from the ferry port.

There are several crossing points to Nusa Penida, namely Sanur, Kusamba Klungkung, Benoa, Serangan, and Pandangbai Karangasem. Most tourists cross from Sanur Harbor and Kusamba Klungkung using speedboats.

The fastest route to Nusa Penida is from three ports in Kusamba Klungkung (Banjar Bias, Tribuana, and Kampung Kusamba) with a 20 minute journey to Sampalan Harbor.

Then, visitors can use a driver who is ready at the port or rent a motorbike in the port area for IDR 50-75 thousand (price depends on the number of tourists, most expensive holidays). Meanwhile, access from the port to Kelingking Beach takes approximately 45 minutes.

9. Disasters occur most often

Despite its beauty, Kelingking Beach turns out to be the most dangerous area with evidence that tourists have often had accidents. Based on data from the Klungkung Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), from January-June 2023, there were three incidents of tourists being swept away by waves while playing on the beach.

With two survivors and two deaths. “Two died, namely tourists from India who forced themselves to swim at the beach. Even though there was a prohibition board at the tourist attraction location,” said Kalaksa BPBD Klungkung I Putu Widiada, Saturday (10/6/2023).

10. The government prohibits tourists from swimming at Kelingking Beach

The Klungkung Regency Government has actually banned tourists from swimming at the beach. Tourists are recommended to enjoy the beauty of Kelingking Beach only from the top of the cliff.

Ni Made Sulistiawati told the Klungkung Tourism Office that prohibition boards were installed at two points. But there are still tourists who insist on getting down and swimming.

Meanwhile, for supervision, Klungkung only has five Balawista officers guarding all the beaches in Nusa Penida. So supervision cannot be maximized.

“We also need cooperation from tour guides, so they can warn their guests not to ignore safety by swimming at Kelingking Beach,” he said.

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