A glimpse of Karang Bolong Beach, one of the interesting beach attractions in Kebumen

A glimpse of Karang Bolong Beach, one of the interesting beach attractions in Kebumen – Semarang, Tourism – Central Java is part of the island of Java whose capital is Semarang, there are several beautiful beaches which are always the target of visitors.

One of the beaches that is quite popular in Central Java, specifically in the Kebumen area, is Karang Bolong Beach, this beach has a beautiful beach surrounded by quite dense hills.

Karang Bolong Beach is located in Karangbolong, Kec. Buayan, Kebumen Regency, Central Java, which has operational hours from Monday to Sunday from 07.00 – 22.00 WIB.

The entrance ticket to Karang Bolong Beach, Kebumen itself is IDR. 20,000,- where this ticket includes access to Sagara View.

The attractions at Karang Bolong Beach are:

The atmosphere is still natural

Karang Bolong Beach is located around quite high hills with dense trees that inhabit the hills.

The sand that adorns the beach is slightly blackish in color, with quite strong waves crashing.

When you are at Karang Bolong Beach, you are not allowed to bathe or play in the water on the shoreline, because it has a very strong backflow, it is feared that you will be swept away by the waves when playing in the water.

However, you can see the natural beauty presented by Karang Bolong Beach, Kebumen, by sitting in a simple hut or gazebo located around the shoreline.

Karang Bolong Cave

This beach is called Karang Bolong Beach because of the presence of a cave made of coral that penetrates the beach next to it, namely Suwuk Beach. Local people call it Goa Karang Bolong.

Karang Bolong Cave is about 30 meters long and about 10 meters wide with a height of up to 5 meters.

You will enter a cave with lots of swallow’s nests, around the cave there are seats for those of you who want to enjoy it longer.

Hunting Spot Photo

An exciting activity that you shouldn’t miss is of course hunting for exciting spots to immortalize as photos or videos.

You can take photos with the beautiful backdrop of Karang Bolong Beach and you can also take photos with the background that says Karang Bolong Kebumen.

  • The facilities at Karang Bolong Beach, Kebumen are:
  • The parking area is quite spacious
  • Bathroom
  • Simple gazebo or hut
  • Prayer room
  • Food and drink stalls

That’s a glimpse of one of the beach attractions in Kebumen, namely Karang Bolong Beach.

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